Psychic-Medium Readings - The Vocal Consciousness

by Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake

How do you explain psychic-medium phenomena?  Many would have an understanding that range along the spectrum of demonic worship to new-agey philosophy to fraudulent con jobs.  Unfortunately still today, psychic-medium readings and readers conjure up dark, incense-filled rooms, a “fortune-teller” at a table loaded with crystals and candles, wearing flowing clothes and jewelry, chanting to open portals to the underworld.

But we are no longer in the Middle Ages.  We’re in the age of information, technology, and spiritual awakening that transcends fear-of-the-unknown religious dogma and superstition.  Science has delved into the realm of consciousness to find out the what, why, and how of it through a greater understanding of our minds and the energy-and-matter environment around us.

Consciousness is awareness…information of who we are in where we are. This information is received, interpreted, and acted upon in our individual reality.  It has no boundaries or borders…the energy of information is free-flowing and accessible by life through examples as instinct, intuition, premonition, meditation, dreams, and the paranormal.  Psychic-Mediums intend and focus the ability to access information of human/non-human (e.g., pets/animals), living and non-living consciousness.

Consciousness has a voice, and it is heard by the reader to gain insights to the client’s story, memories, present challenges and victories—or a comforting “hello” from a loved one who has passed.  This is what is shared during psychic-medium readings. Today’s Psychic Medium understands the realm of consciousness is non-judgmental…unbiased, unconditional. While information shared may bring up very emotional times, it is not the emotion itself. It is narrated by the medium in a way that can validate the source. Emotion—drama and trauma, regrets, and failures—unfolds as the living experience, but not in the memories recounted.

Realizing the connection of souls—living and passed—through the psychic-medium spokesperson releases the fear and mysticism of today’s reading. We no longer need to hear of dark entities or energies, new age philosophy, or karmic directives by a reader. People can hear the information of lives lived, or livings being lived, and enjoy an insightful and loving conversation.  

We can all hear the voice of consciousness within ourselves and through a validating conversation with today’s contemporary psychic-mediums, to discern the information shared, and take appropriate and accountable steps to live connected and meaningful lives.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake are owners of The Purple Door Soul Source LLC, a psychic center in Rochester, NY. They are professional psychic-mediums and teachers of psychic-medium studies on a mission to de-mystify our psychic sense. They are co-authors of “Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium – Unlocking the Myths” and “The Student Guide to the Daily Medium – Unlocking Your 6th Sense.” They can be contacted through The Purple Door, at their new location: 3450 Winton Place, Rochester NY. 585-427-8110.   Visit their website -