Reading Services

Appointments - Go to BOOK NOW to schedule on-line or Call 585-427-8110

In-Person, Phone, Zoom for self, group, party, organization, or corporate event.


Fees - Reading fees vary by provider. Rates are subject to change;

  • Susan Fiandach and Cathie Miller - 20min($50); 30min($60); 45min($90); 60min($120); Shared 2-person ($140)
  • Connie Wake, Rich Flint, Wende Gum, and Dawn Daggs - 20min($45); 30min($55); 45min($75); 60min($95); Shared 2-peson ($120)
  • Mary Lee Carosa - 20min($50); 30min($60); 45min($90); 60min($120); Shared 2-person ($140)
  • Remaining - 20min($40); 30min($50); 45min($70); 60min($90); Shared 2-person ($120)


  • Psychic-Medium
  • “Double-Double” Readings with Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake, simultaneously
  • Tarot/Oracle/Angel Card Readings
  • Animal/Pet Communication
  • Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (M.A.R.I.) offering life path insights
  • Health Intuitive
  • Numerology
  • Astrology Natal & Transits
  • Past Lives Readings
  • Palm
  • Shared is for 2 people in the room with the medium at the same time, one hour ($120 to $140)


  • Susan Fiandach - Psychic Medium, Health Intuitive, Forensic Medium, Past Lives 
  • Connie Wake – Psychic Medium, Tarot
  • Karen Kurchyne - Psychic Medium Call directly 585-313-2839 for schedule, rates and appts
  • Cathie Miller - Psychic Medium, MARI, Auragraph (Personal Oracle) 
  • Richard Flint - Psychic-Medium, Oracle Cards, Pet Communication
  • Mary Lee - Psychic Medium, Tarot, Spirit Art 
  • Wende Gum – Psychic Medium, Tarot/Oracle/Angel Card, Pet Communicator
  • Dawn Daggs – Psychic Medium, Intuitive Numerology Readings
  • Diane Castronova – Psychic-Medium, Tarot
  • Tammy Haynes – Psychic-Medium, Tarot, Pet Communicator
  • Lisa Nichols – Psychic-Medium, Pet Communicator
  • Jane Anderson-Ross – Palm Readings by Appt
  • Dale Barr - Full Birth Chart Astrology Readings via Zoom (Call for Appt)

Please note, per NYS, we must state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only, and do not take the place of physical, mental/emotional, or legal professional services.