Health Intuitive, Massage, Energy Wellness, Meditation

Health Intuitive Session is a psychic service in which the provider energetically moves into the body to assess physical, mental, and emotional wellness. This service does not diagnose or take the place of professional care or advice but offers additional information to empower the patient in taking the next steps toward optimal well-being. 60 minutes: $100 to $125
   Susan Fiandach
   Tammy Haynes
   Nicole Fritz

Therapeutic Massage therapy can effectively treat ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, addiction, and stress. Nicole's light pressure massage therapy activates the body's parasympathetic nervous system, stimulating the natural pain relievers such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. 60/80 minutes $95/$120
   Nicole Fritz

Massage with Cupping - Cupping is an ancient therapy found in medical textbooks dating back to the Egyptians. It is a practice of body work where suction is used to decompress muscles and surrounding tissue to facilitate pain relief, tight muscle release, and overall relaxation. 60/80 minutes $105/$130
   Nicole Fritz

Reiki Energy Session - Reiki is an energy healing technique that provides relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through a process of light touch, improving the flow and balance of your personal energy to support wellness. Reiki is a natural method that allows the free flow of energy so the body, mind and spirit can take and use what they need.  30 min.($55); 45 min.($75); 60 min.($100)
   Kathy Manikowski
   Nicole Fritz
Chakra Balance, Crystal, Sound Healing Sessions. Kathy Manikowski offers individual sessions and Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master Certification classes.  Session Fees: 30 min.($50); 45 min.($70); 60 min.($95)

“Love Letters” Throat and Heart Chakra Healing. Nicole Fritz offers this as an opportunity to release stagnation and promote healing from unexpressed or trapped emotions in our bodies as trauma wounds. Clients will be encouraged to write a letter to someone prior to their sessions. This can be someone (living or passed), younger, or future self to be discussed (optional) and followed by a heart and throat chakra energy healing session to further encourage balance in the body. 60 minutes $95

Natural Energy Wellness with Ann Knapp. N.E.W. enables you to access and engage your innate energy, bringing whole wellness to your life. A greater sense of well-being can be achieved through benefits such as pain reduction; better sleep; increased energy, focus and clarity; and the counteraction of the negative effects of stress and anxiety.  30 min.($55); 45 min.($75); 60 min.($100) 

Sound Immersion Meditation – with Revs. Charles and Jane Ross. Every second Sunday of the month (No Summer Sessions) from 11 am to Noon. $10.

Meditation with Journaling - with Deirdre Won-Short. Every first Sunday of the month (No Summer Sessions) from 11 am to Noon. $20 per session

Please note that energy therapies do not replace traditional medical care; always consult with a professional medical practitioner for concerns and conditions. The opinions expressed by service providers are those of the providers and do not necessarily reflect the position of The Purple Door.