Energy Wellness

Energy wellness can be experienced through a variety of therapies, such as Reiki and Natural Energy Wellness, laying fully clothed in a private, serene setting, allowing your life force energy experience. The benefits include, but not limited to, stress relief, emotional release, pre/post medical or surgical care, relief during medical treatments. 

Services provided by:

Kathy Manikowski – Offers Usui Reiki, Chakra Balance, Crystal, Sound (Tuning Forks, and Singing Bowl) Sessions. Also offers Crystal Healer Workshops and Reiki 1, 2 and Master Certification classes.

Ann Knapp – Founder of Natural Energy Wellness (N.E.W.), Reiki Master Teacher. Offers energy awareness and development self-healing concepts and techniques, private sessions, one-on-one or group workshops, and N.E.W. Practitioner/Advocate Certification programs. 


30 min.($45); 45 min.($70); 60 min.($95) You can also book an "R&R" combo session with a reader (30 minutes each service) for $95. Please call to book this offering.

Please note that energy therapies do not replace traditional medical care; always consult with a professional medical practitioner for concerns and conditions.