Reiki, Natural Energy Wellness & Therapeutic Massage

Reiki is a way to connect to the Universal Life Force Energy that is all around and in us. Reiki is a natural method to absorb more life force energy so the body, mind and spirit can take and use what they need. In addition, Kathy also offers Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, and Sound Healing (tuning forks and singing bowl) options in her Reiki sessions.

Kathy Manikowski - Reiki Master Teacher and NSAC Spiritual Healer, offering Usui Reiki, Chakra Balance, Crystal, Sound Healing Sessions, as well as Reiki 1, 2 and Master Certification classes.  Session Fees: 30 min.($50); 45 min.($70); 60 min.($95) 

Natural Energy Wellness is a new frontier in energy medicine. Also known as NEW, it enables you to access and engage your innate energy, bringing whole wellness to your life. A greater sense of well-being can be achieved through benefits such as pain reduction; better sleep; increased energy, focus and clarity; and the counteraction of the negative effects of stress and anxiety. With NEW treatments, you will be able to understand the power of thought energy and how to consciously create your mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Treatment options include body/mind therapy, thought energy consultation, and self-care consultation.

Ann Knapp – Founder of Natural Energy Wellness (NEW.), Reiki Master Teacher. Offers energy awareness and development self-healing concepts and techniques, private sessions, one-on-one or group workshops, and NEW. Practitioner/Advocate Certification programs. Session Fees: 30 min.($50); 45 min.($70); 60 min.($95) 

Therapeutic Massage therapy can effectively treat ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, addiction, and stress. Nicole's light pressure massage therapy activates the body's parasympathetic nervous system, stimulating the natural pain relievers such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

Nicole Fritz - Nicole has been a NYS licensed massage therapist since 2011 and a Physical Therapist Assistant since 2018.  Session Fees: 60 or 80 minute Massage sessions for $95 and $120, respectively; as well as 45 or 60 minute Reiki Sessions for $70 or $95, respectively. 

Please note that energy therapies do not replace traditional medical care; always consult with a professional medical practitioner for concerns and conditions. The opinions expressed by service providers are those of the providers and do not necessarily reflect the positions of The Purple Door.