“Failure is not an option.”

by Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake

Professional Psychic-Mediums go into each reading service with the utmost amount of sincerity and intention for quality in order to provide a wonderful and valued conversation with the client and their deceased loved ones.

"Failure is not an option" (from the movie, Apollo 13), describes a reader's focus and purpose.

Psychic-Mediums begin the reading...the conversation...with the client and expand to connect with those who step in from the Other Side...loved ones who are deceased. However, the conversation is not just "talking to dead people" but is meant to be an interactive dialogue with the client.

Readers will receive, interpret, and deliver the sights, sounds, tastes, and feelings from the energy (the psychic/Spirit) realm to begin this collaboration. Response from the client is needed to validate—and indeed continue—a strong connection and conversation throughout the reading.  

The reader is committed to the service with not only ability and focus, but with heart and mind wide open. The client must also sincerely participate in the reading by allowing the reader to go through their reading process, ask for and receive validation...not a long-winded life story kind of response...but replies that can give the reader the opportunity to go forward or re-interpret the information for deeper clarity.

Readers can "work with" a skeptic through the process of conversation--evidence and validation. However, readers find it difficult to work with the cynic or someone who provide nebulous responses, displays off-putting body language, or comes in with a “prove-it” inflexible attitude. When connection is not strong, the reader may address the concern with the client, in how to relieve any fear they may have, addressing specific information already shared, asking questions in another direction to get the flow started. In some cases, however, the reader may end the service entirely.

The conversation IS the reading, and while "failure is not an option" may be the reader's divine intent, this multi-faceted conversation sometimes does.  Engage with the reader and enjoy a full connection.