Learning and Psychic Center

The Purple Door is a psychic center offering readings,as well as instructional studies and certification in their exclusive "Everyday Conversations" psychic-mediumship methodology. "EC" is based in a simple, yet powerful, step-in process to understand, receive, and interpret information from the living and from those who have passed. The foundation is in the natural ability to perceive this information around us without the limitations of fear, religious dogma, or new agey spiritual beliefs.

The Purple Door is also a learning center for exploring a variety of topics...from fun art to zen meditation technique. Below is a list of our general class topics. 

If you would like to rent our space, offer a class or event, contact us or complete the application in EVENTS

  • "Everyday Conversations" methodology for Evidential Psychic-Medium Studies, Development & Certification
  • Tarot, Oracle Card, Angel Cards, Runes Divination and Numerology Classes and Practice Groups
  • Health Intuitive Workshop
  • Animal/Pet Communication
  • Empower the Empath in You
  • Past Life and Present You: The Akashic Records
  • Chakras, Colors and Auras
  • Crystals, Crystal Grids, Healing Crystals
  • Essential Oils and Blends
  • Psychic Investigation Basics Workshop
  • Your Life Force Energy
  • Art Fun projects
.Guided Meditation and “Sound Bath” Singing Bowl Meditations