Learning Center

The Purple Door provides a wonderful learning center for exploring a variety of classes and events. Below is a list of our general class topics. 

If you would like to rent our space, offer a class or event, contact us or complete the application in EVENTS

  • Evidential Psychic-Medium Studies, Development & Certification
  • Tarot, Oracle Card, Angel Cards, Runes Divination and Numerology Classes and Practice Groups
  • Health Intuitive Workshop
  • Animal/Pet Communication
  • Empower the Empath in You
  • Past Life and Present You: The Akashic Records
  • Chakras, Colors and Auras
  • Crystals, Crystal Grids, Healing Crystals
  • Essential Oils and Blends
  • Psychic Investigation Basics Workshop
  • Your Life Force Energy
  • Art Fun projects
  • Guided Meditation and “Sound Bath” Singing Bowl Meditation
  • Mindfulness Group (coming in the Fall)
  • Yoga (coming in the Fall)