Learning and Psychic Center

"Walk the path of discovering you!" is the call of our Learning and Psychic Center. We offer classes on a variety of topics, from enjoying the Artist in you to the Zen of you...meditation and spiritual wisdom! View CLASSES for our latest offerings. If you have a group of 6 or more interested in one of our topics, we can work with our instructors and your schedule to make that happen.

The Purple Door is also Rochester’s psychic center offering readings and instructional studies/certification in their exclusive "Everyday Conversations" (EC) psychic-mediumship methodology. This foundational coursework is described in “Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium – Unlocking the Myths” and “Everyday Conversations: The Student Guide to the Daily Medium – Unlocking the 6th Sense” co-authored by Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake, owners of The Purple Door.

Everyday Conversations (EC) is a powerfully simple step-in process that strengthens our natural abilities to understand, receive, and interpret information from the living and those passed. This foundational method engages the unlimited information available without the limitations of fear, religious dogma, or new-agey spiritual beliefs. The EC program continues to advance the “life-long learning” psychic-medium through continued development classes and advancing coursework in a way that develops the depth and breadth of exceptional quality and ethical service.

The ”Everyday Conversations” psychic-medium program consists of the following. Go to our CLASSES tab for more information and our latest schedule or call the shop at 585-427-8110.


The EC Evidential Psychic-Mediumship foundational coursework outlines the basic understanding of energy information and comprehensive techniques to receive, interpret, and convey the conversation in a spirit-true manner. The coursework begins with an all-encompassing “Introduction to Evidential Psychic-Mediumship” workshop and is supported through weekly and monthly continuing development classes.

Advancement Classes - Class Descriptions and Schedules to be announced

Reading Formats – Discussion and exercises in the various ways to offer quality psychic-medium readings, such as:

  • The Meaningful 1:1 Reading
  • The Art of a 10-minute Reading
  • Message Event Styles – Group, Party, Gallery

Visualizations – Discussion and exercises in exploring the “imagination of the reading” through understanding and interpreting symbols, images, color…

Listening to Spirit – Discussion and exercises in receiving and conveying “spirit-true” information and developing the trust that is paramount in the psychic-medium service.

Spirit Art: Capturing the Essence of a Life Once Lived – Spirit art is a time-honored form of Evidential Mediumship. The Medium, using their mental images, captures the face of a spirit using pencils and chalks. The visualization of the spirit communicating is then captured through this rendering along with a reading. Words and images then create a powerful communication experience for your sitter.

“Tools” of the Trade – Explore the many divination tips and techniques that build the scope of a psychic-medium reading service.

Psychic-Medium Advancement Series – This is an 8-week course, Zoom only. Includes a deep dive into the tenets of evidential mediumship, with “live guest” client exercises, feedback, and follow-through.