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My daughter and I had our first reading with Susan Fiandach today. It was so meaningful for me. There was a lot brought up that was so right on target.

We both walked away with such satisfaction and comfort. Thank you.

Sherri Jerome

Have always been a believer and Cathie has confirmed in every way possible that our conscious spirits live on once we pass. The most amazing, peaceful and mind blowing experience ever. I live out of state and Cathie did our reading through the phone and I highly suggest you do not hesitate to book your reading with Cathie. Thank you Cathie for sharing your beautiful gift with us! Lots of love from Florida!

Samantha Soldi

I love Sue and Connie! They are amazingly talented and really nice! I’ve been to both for readings and they have both blown my mind. I am definitely coming back to The Purple Door and recommend to all my friends and family as well!

Rachel Snow

I love everything about Purple Door. They are the real deal! I've seen Susan and Rich, but everyone here is amazingly talented and friendly. They also offer a comprehensive list of workshops and events. I really, really love this place!

Alexandra Keery

I have been to The Purple Door several times for readings with Susan and Cathie and both were phenomenal. I always leave with such a feeling of peace and gratitude. The shop is so adorable too! They have everything you need without the “witchy” vibes. The Purple Door has such a welcoming and un-intimidating atmosphere. I will definitely be back again! <3

Ashley Moyer

"I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy both as a student in her healing classes, and as an energy healing client.  In both capacities, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Her touch is gentle and calming, and I instantly knew I was in good hands.  I felt peaceful and energized after my session, with a clear mind ready for the rest of my day!   What I especially appreciate about Kathy's teaching style is the way she gently communicates the message of respect for all--and how that translates into how we communicate  with others in need of healing."

Ellen, Rochester, NY

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