Field of (Medium) Dreams

I was watching the movie, Field of Dreams and re-enjoyed the entire storyline. If you haven’t seen it, spoiler alert!  The movie is about an Iowa farmer named Ray who listens to a discarnate voice saying, “If you build it, he will come.” He believes he needs to build a baseball field in his Iowa cornfield for a 1920 baseball player, Shoeless Joe Jackson.  He hears another voice, “Ease his pain” and “Go the distance” traveling to Massachusetts and Minnesota to retrieve a “real” retired author and a “ghost” young baseball player. Ultimately, Ray meets up with one of the ghost baseball players who is a young version of his dad, someone he did not have a good relationship with growing up.  The movie ends with the both of them playing catch, father and son. (If you haven’t seen the movie, still worth watching even knowing this much of the plot.)

Anyway, as a medium, I thoroughly enjoyed the synchronicities of the whispers of inner and out-loud validations of outer conversations and, of course, the ghosts. At the end of the movie, I teared a little to see father and son reunited, heaven and earth as one.

And I thought…that’s the essence of a real medium reading. To be able to have another conversation, another exchange of memories, another chance to hear from your loved ones passed…heaven and earth as one.

A medium is the go-between, translating their feelings and words of validation, guidance, and comfort to the client as professional and sincere as possible. We have heard from many clients how in previous readings, the medium told them that their deceased loved one “had a dark, negative entity attachment.”  That is sad, and cruel really, as it is that medium’s personal belief/opinion which provides no value to their client. The real value is to hear a sincere interpretation of the information received by the medium. Not a "negative entity attachment" but an observation from the son's “high self” perspective, admitting the struggle of mental and emotional challenges but loved his mom, and appreciated all that she did for him. There is no suffering in heaven, a theme repeated in many stories of near-death experiences, concurred by our reading experiences as well.

The Field of Dreams is a great Hollywood movie…but your reading is not Hollywood…there is no channeling razz-ma-tazz or Hollywood sensationalism here!  It's a simple, loving conversation. Being “spot on” is a small part of the work…it’s the synergy of evidence and sincerity that brings heaven and earth together as one…and just for you.