Are Dead People Really There?

“Oh no, what are they going to say?” Is this about God, heaven, ghosts, hauntings, satanic cults?

No. Communication with those who have passed are conversations with you, the living, through the intermediary of the medium reader. And, when done authentically, are as valuable and comforting as “live” conversations, so there is no dogma, mystery, or danger.

The intention of medium readings is for the loving, affirming, and validating pieces of information of the lives once lived in your family’s past and present.  Those who “step in from spirit” are happy to see you; they do not bring guilt or judgement. They are without physical pain or emotional suffering, and are excited to share the past as well as life that has happened since they have passed, affirming they are always with you.

Readings should not be creepy warnings of doom, negative energies, or death. Today’s professional psychic-mediums make an honest and ethical connection that is for your best interest, aiming to leave you feeling more empowered, comforted, and at ease than when you came in.

Be aware that in this world-wide web of knowledge, understanding, and exposure to more and more new age/spiritual expressions, not everyone who can offer medium readings should. There is great accountability to the service of psychic-mediumship, that involves ethics and authenticity. This is not the service of telling you what to do, or how to spiritually reshape your life. In fact, one's spiritual belief system should stay out of your reading (unless you are looking for spiritual guidance specifically). Spiritual beliefs may only offer empty or confusing gab, such as formal religious constructs (“Mother Mary says…”) as well as new agey beliefs such as spirit guides, chakras, negative energies/portals, sacred contracts, planes of dimensions. The last thing you need to hear from a reader who says s/he has your mom is that she is in “angel school” waiting to be of a high vibration to talk to you!  Mom is mom, and very willing to talk with you!!

The “pieces of information” are evidence of the loved one speaking, whether about their passing, family, home, and memories, and the messages they offer confirm and comfort the client. The dialogue with the client “connects the dots” of the information and the messages for an engaging conversation.

Today’s psychic-medium is always evolving, striving to make a clear, unbiased connection between you and those passed.  You don’t need to know about clairvoyance or dimensions…you just have to know your people and enjoy a respectful conversation.  “An educated consumer is our best customer.”