Beliefs, Baggage...or Beautifully Beyond


Our understanding of our 6th sensory connection is to incorporate the basic tenant in psychic-mediumship to be authentic in interpretation, and to not bring your beliefs and baggage into your mediumship service.

What do we mean...and why do we mean it?

Our psychic studies program focuses on the essence of communication through the brain’s ability to interpret signals "played" through the senses. We see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and feel emotionally...from the signals of our physical environment through our physical senses and body sensations. We use those same experiences to receive and interpret information from the non-physical, or energy, environment. There are different words for these, such as clairvoyance, clairsentient, or clairaudient, but it is the same. This is our intuition, our 6th sense, expanded into the wider spectrum of the person-to-person, human-to-nature, soul-to-soul realm.

The universe of energy and matter is expressed through information deciphered and acted upon. Once our brain understands the "mind” of the Universe around us, this greater awareness fills our day with insight, understanding, compassion, and grace of synchronicity.

However, the brain also houses memories, experiences, cultural, societal and spiritual definitions or instructions on being. Beliefs and baggage manipulate our worldview and the perspective we bring to our reality. Good, bad, or ugly, we are the sum of our experiences...we see "our" world, act, and live accordingly.

The greatest power we have, however, is that we can change the mind, our mind, that "drives the bus" of our reality. To strive for an unconditional, infinite, and unlimited expression of being, we must use that power.

What is an “authentic” connection?  We use the phrase authentic to describe the connection to strive for clarity and unbiased interpretations.  This is to be clear, honest, and sincere in an unbiased reading as possible. We are not saying one must be a 100% perfect divinity expression to provide the psychic-medium service, but to make an intended and purposeful effort to keep your past baggage and personal spiritual beliefs—including new age—out of the reading.

 For example:

  • A reader went through a terrible relationship/divorce and senses information of a stressful relationship in the client’s life. There is no value is counseling marital advice of how awful the “so-and-so” might be because they had that experience/baggage.
  • A reader believes in the energetic expression of the Hindu system of chakras, and advised their client that their heart chakra is closed, blocked, etc. The client has no clue of this spiritual experience and cannot relate or act on this spiritual advice. This is new age spirituality.
  • A reader believes in negative, low vibrational energies/entities and senses an emotional low in that client’s life and advises them of this attachment of negativity. Again, new age spirituality, but in this case, this type of advice is emotionally and mentally damaging to the client. We know of a case where this was said in a reading, and the person involved committed suicide…the ultimate of a callous, brutal and heartless “service.”

What is “beautifully beyond?”  This is the ability to go beyond our own internal trappings and keep interpretation as close to the unbiased nature of its Source as possible. The Source is the person’s high self, the grandest expression of our greatest nature. This is also a “beautiful” place to be…compassionate, insightful, empowering. This is also the place where a person’s “free will and choice” resides…where the client makes decisions and take actions to create their best life.

The service of the psychic-medium is serious and is serious work in the manner that it is free of limiting beliefs and hopeless baggage onto the client. The reader, the reading, and the client can—and should—enjoy the “beautiful beyond” of an authentic service.