A Reading is a 3 C Event!

by Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake

"An educated consumer is our best customer."  Sy Syms, CEO of the Syms Corporation

In our unending endeavor to educate and provide meaning and value and avoid misunderstandings in the personal and unique service of a psychic-medium reading, we offer the following.  Both the reader and the client open their hearts for the purpose of connection. However, the psychic-medium realm is full of dogma and myths, on both sides of the table, so an updated view of both the role of the psychic-medium AND the client is necessary for mutual respect and success.  Described in our book, "Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium - Unlocking the Myths" we describe this in more detail. 

The psychic-medium service is referred to as a reading for the client sitting in the chair opposite them and involves:





Connection – The source for the information to be shared in a reading can be understood as being from Spirit (or loved ones who have passed) and from the client, as psychic information regarding the living. Psychic-Mediums do this through sensing (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and emotion/empathy) the memories of lives lived or being lived, and through divination techniques such as tarot/oracle cards, auras, etc.   The psychic-medium is connecting to both the source of the information and the client, as a dynamic tango of synergy to the mutual goal of value.

Most people understand the importance of connection in a psychic-medium reading. “He/She was spot on” is a common response. Additionally, the client is also invited to be involved in a “spot on” conversation through interaction and acknowledgement.

Conversation starts the reading through connection to the client, and then connection to the source of information/messages to be shared. The reader explains the reading process so that the client has an understanding of what is going to happen, and importantly, how it is going to happen.  A psychic-medium is not reading a script or watching the movie of a life. A psychic-medium makes a connection to source information, interprets that information through their senses and references, and through the conversation with the client allows a meantingful interchange to acknowledge, validate, or if not being understood, request further clarity.

There is no bad information, there is only misinterpretation.  The only way the psychic-medium can provide clarity and more meaningful service is when the client lets them know they need more information.

Collaboration, therefore, ensures that the service of the reader AND the expectation of the client are mutually beneficial.  Expectations should be shared so that the reader can address them during the reading experience, and most important, for the reader and client to be on the proverbial same page.

This goes beyond the connection that the reader has with the source of the information, and includes the interaction, or synergy, of reader and client to a positive and valued outcome.  It takes two in this spiritual tango.  If the client feels uncertain or unclear about the information being shared during reading, they should inform the reader then and there!  This allows the reader to re-interpret and continue the service to a meaningful conclusion.  

As with everyday life, some people, vibes, and conversations just don’t mix. If there is no connection and collaboration (reader, source, client), the client must speak up, and the reader and client can respectfully conclude the reading service. To wait days, weeks, or even months after the service to provide negative feedback does no one any good.

Connection, conversation, and collaboration will provide a valuable psychic-medium reading of insight, validation, and comfort…and refreshing joy!


ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake are owners of The Purple Door in Rochester, NY. They are professional psychic-mediums and teachers of psychic-medium studies on a mission to de-mystify our psychic sense. They are co-authors of “Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium – Unlocking the Myths” and “The Student Guide to the Daily Medium – Unlocking Your 6th Sense.” They can be contacted through The Purple Door, at their new location: 3450 Winton Place, Rochester NY. 585-427-8110.   Visit their website - http://www.PurpleDoorSoulSource.com