Psychic-Medium Readings FAQ's

What is a psychic, medium, or psychic-medium reading? The connection to information "from the unseen world" can be described as information of the living (psychic), information from those who have passed (medium). There are many names used to get this information that sometimes refer to "how" the information is being received; such as, clairvoyant is one who "sees" the information through images in their mind (mind's eye, third eye, etc). There are a host of other names that either describe how the reader is receiving information, or how they interpret the information to you. Ex:  clairaudient, clairsentient, empath, seer, channeler, trance, spiritual advisor, angel reader, etc. No name is better than another name...these are adjectives to the service of the reading.

Where is the information coming from?  We exist in physical matter and non-physical energy environments. Our brains interpret our physical environment through information from our senses. The non-physical environment is energy consciousness, collectively and individually. The energy of consciousness is also received as information interpreted through our senses as well. It's what we all have to work with. We see, hear, sense what our brain is telling us is there, but not in physical form. If we said to you, "picture a rose" your mind will provide that image, and in your way whether it is a bud, full, red, pink, yellow, etc. With that being said, our imagination indeed works in tandem with the information received.

Is this bad or dangerous information?  Based on each of our own, unique experiences, childhood, religion, unreligion, traumas/dramas, ethnic and social constructs, we view and judge our world. As information is passing through our brains, it is picking up these judgement and emotional references in its interpretation. If your religion says "talking to spirits" is bad, there's your answer. If you watch horrific paranormal Hollywood, your brain adds that to the interpretation, and you'll be scared out of your mind. The key is to define the universe you wish to make real to you. "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change." --Wayne Dyer

Why would I get a reading?  A reading is a connection to your information, either through living consciousness or the memories (consciousness) of those once lived. This information is meant to be shared in a loving, non-judgmental way, for validation, insight, and comfort. A psychic reading can offer a perspective to help you see a situation more clearly and make decisions. A reading (conversation) with those who have passed can offer closure, as well as validation and insight.

Do readers tell you when you are going to die?   Remember, a reading is an interpretation of information being received...interpretation is subjective to the person's mental/emotional bias and egotistic maturity level. A reader never should interfere with your free-will-and-choice...the realm between you and God (your understanding of All That Is). A reader should also not tell you what to do (for the same reason) but offer perspective and insight that guide you to take your own actions.

What's the "best" type of reading?  Depending on what you are looking for.  A psychic reading validates you, and those living around you, to help in understanding the past and present, and may offer potentials for future. Nothing is cast in is paramount. These include readings through tarot/oracle cards, astrology, palm, tea leaf, M.A.R.I., numerology and psychic information sensed through the reader. A medium reading is connection to the memories of lives loved ones passed, or of memories of lives lived in places and things. 

Can a psychic-medium tell me my Spirit Guide?  A spirit guide, spirit animal, or animal totem is an aspect of you and is a personal element of your self expression and personification of that aspect, universally and individually. A reader can only validate what you know (consciously or sub-consciously) but is not the final say in the matter.

The above are excerpts from "Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium - Unlocking the Myths" written by Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake, and is available on Amazon