Let's BREAK THE NEW AGE MOLD of Psychic-Mediumship

By Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake

Remember this song by The 5th Dimension…released 1969

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius

Well, New Age has been riding high since…expanding consciousness into realms along the very wide spectrum of Angels and Aliens to Zen and Zombies.  Nearly everyone has defined, or subscribed to the definitions, of what the metaphysical is and how it works, including the realm of the psychic-medium-empathic connection.  What’s real in these new age definitions?

There are many precepts around the psychic-medium…which include the use of:


…Spirit Guides



…channeling other worldly entities

…dimensions and “places” where information is stored

”and the beat goes on…”

In a universe of infinite and unlimited knowledge and expansive growth, why all the rules?

Let’s bust ‘em up with these what ifs:

What if…

  • Information received through the senses is indeed providing us with not only information about our physical environment but also the non-physical (energy) environment.
  •  The brain already knows how to use it, how to tell us what it’s receiving, and in a way that allows us to recognize and interpret that information.
  • Intuition…a word that implies our natural connection is another name for imagination…we all have it. 
  • Imagination is another name for psychic-medium information….we all have access to it. 

Then, it’s all the same. It’s information received by the brain, using its imagination to echo it to you through the senses…as an image, as a vision, as a name being called out, or a that small voice, as a small knowing voice, as a touch, a feeling, as a smell and taste.

We have the equipment already. And the owners manual is not new age rules and razz-ma-tazz but the awareness of the evidence being presented.  The language of the psychic-medium is the same language of dreams and the same language we already know how to express.

The psychic-medium says:  “I see a small lake, and feel cool water” is all about sensory perception.  It does not need a spirit guide, the person didn’t need to know what chakra it was, or didn’t have to meditate to see/feel it. In fact, many of our 6th sensory experiences are spontaneous and fleeting. No time for meditation…or rules.  And that’s on purpose…it’s our naturalness…and with intention, our minds can receive, interpret, and understand the 6th sense.

This is indeed a paradigm shift...busting the myths....and breaking the new age mold of current understanding and teachings of psychic-mediumship.  There are always rules to provide a framework for our experiences…but when do the rules get too numerous, too complicated, to support a high quality experience?  AND, when do the rules get so vague and subjective that the average (non-new age spiritual) person can't use it?  Does someone need to know what a chakra is in order to understand the message in a reading? 

A psychic-medium reading supports and honors the living...the client.  The message/reading is supported by the evidence, the significant indicators of connection to the client and/or their loved ones.  Value, then, is the conversation that allows the client to know, understand, and engage the information shared. 

The simpler the framework of rules, the more powerfully it can strongly accomplish this task.  Too many vague, subjective spiritual concepts water down the reading, and many times they fall apart and can’t deliver a meaningful service.

Examples that we hear of spiritual rules that fail the client...and indeed the reader:

  • “Well, my spirit guide didn’t give me that information”
  • "I sense that the throat chakra is closed."
  • "Your loved one did not cross over ...yet"   **
  • "The negative energy is blocking the reading."
  • etc.

(**Think about the infinite and unlimited power of Universal Consciousness (in whatever name you'd like to use) and the power of ultimate existence in that realm. Does it make sense that consciousness is "unable" to be in that existence...if that's all that existence is? )

Examine new age limitations on psychic-mediumship. The knowing of infinite accessibility to unlimited consciousness information presents the information if your mind's rules don't hold it back  The pureness of this information does not need an armed guard, a chakra system, nor a dimension to be received and engaged.  As stated earlier, we already have the equipment and the owner’s manual (aka our own consciousness) naturally and powerfully.

The psychic-medium who expands into the realm of unlimited, infinite knowledge of evidential information offers the depth and breadth of messages and readings and offers a service that is validating, insightful, comforting, and valuable.

Expand your 6th sense in a way that walks you into the realm of the unlimited so that the information for self opens synchronicities of intended living; and information for others provides peace, hope, and insight.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake are owners of The Purple Door in Rochester, NY. They are professional psychic-mediums and teachers of psychic-medium studies on a mission to de-mystify our psychic sense. They are co-authors of “Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium – Unlocking the Myths” and “The Student Guide to the Daily Medium – Unlocking Your 6th Sense.” They can be contacted through The Purple Door, at their new location: 3450 Winton Place, Rochester NY. 585-427-8110.   Visit their website - http://www.PurpleDoorSoulSource.com