Soul Sense

Soul Sense

Soul Sense

Susan Fiandach & Connie Wake

We have soul sense. We have the ability and awareness to view our world at the soul level…beyond the physical material environment around us.

This is what we are calling “soul sense.” The soul, or the spirit, is the place of our divinity, the expression of our existence as consciousness-energy beings. This is the essence of our God-ness as we are made in the image of this potential, and powerful, expression of the universe.

And that’s a WOW!

As psychic-mediums, we understand the information source as psychic…awareness of the “here-and-now” matter expression, and the information source as medium…awareness of the “everywhere” non-matter expression.  The sense of soul, the information source of soul, is the essence of “All That Is” and capable of here, there, everywhere, nowhere at the same time and place. 

Soul sense is also a way to understand how we receive this psychic and mediumistic information…information of the soul, in general.  We use our senses to navigate our physical world…sight, sound, smell, taste, touch.  The brain picks up the signals of the sensory organs and interprets the meaning for thought, word, action, behavior.  The brain can bypass the sensory organ input and take the psychic-medium information source directly. We “see” something out of the corner of our eye but when we look, it’s not there…we “smell” the scent of our deceased mom’s Jean Nate perfume, but no one else can smell it…or we can “hear” our name called but no one around has said it. In the manner of feelings, we can “feel” a touch or poke, or feel the emotions of people, places, or things, without knowing why or how.

Over human existence, we have explained these occurrences, and even feared them, applying ritual and rule, deed and dogma. When we strip away the beliefs, the psychic-medium can receive and interpret the essence of psychic and mediumistic information without the sway and harm of bias. This is the sense of soul as authentic, empowering, and unconditional. The psychic-medium’s intention then is to provide perspective, validation, and comfort.  The sense of the soul is ultimate, and its free will and choice paramount.

Essentially, the work of the psychic-medium is to honor the soul…the sense of soul of how the service is done, and the sense of soul of divinity of our client.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake are owners of The Purple Door in Rochester, NY. They are professional psychic-mediums and teachers of psychic-medium studies on a mission to de-mystify our psychic sense. They are co-authors of “Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium – Unlocking the Myths” and “The Student Guide to the Daily Medium – Unlocking Your 6th Sense.” They can be contacted through The Purple Door, at their new location: 3450 Winton Place, Rochester NY. 585-427-8110.   Visit their website -