A Psychic-Medium Conversation: Dying and Living


As professional psychic-mediums, we have come to know the many reasons why people seek psychic and medium readings.

To quote Tammy Haynes, one of the fine readers at The Purple Door:  “We not only help people not to fear dying, but also not to fear living.”

Succinct and true.

“…not to fear dying…” – A reading with a professional medium will be the conversation with Spirit…not just any Spirit but loved ones who have passed.  These conversations will include things that the client can validate such as characteristics and memories of the loved one.  The message through this conversation is one that their loved ones are ok…and full of life so to speak as they acknowledge life events and loving or comforting thoughts.  And as such, there is no final death but a transition to another state of our infinite beingness.

“…not to fear living.” – A psychic reading with a professional psychic-medium will be the conversation of the life being lived…how they got to the present, through instances and circumstances of their past, and potential for future outcomes. We must say at this time that these conversations are guidance and perspective, not instruction, as the client’s free will and choice are paramount. The role of the psychic-medium can then facilitate trust…trust themselves and life choices through validating what the client knows, providing insights to the potential they are involved with, to be empowered, and leave with hope and inspiration that allows them to be able to take a step in life in a positive manner.

With the help of all of the resources around us, we have the ability to seek deeper knowledge, a deeper understanding, and expand our world:  physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake are owners of The Purple Door in Rochester, NY. They are professional psychic-mediums and teachers of psychic-medium studies on a mission to de-mystify our psychic sense. They are co-authors of “Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium – Unlocking the Myths” and “The Student Guide to the Daily Medium – Unlocking Your 6th Sense.” They can be contacted through The Purple Door, at their new location: 3450 Winton Place, Rochester NY. 585-427-8110.   Visit their website - http://www.PurpleDoorSoulSource.com