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23-0401 | APR 01 | Your Inner Harmony: Journaling and Meditation Practices to Heal from Within 12-wk Course

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Your Inner Harmony: Journaling and Meditation Practices to Heal from Within with Deirdre Won-Short, Certified Health & Life Coach

12 weeks beginning Sat, April 1 to June 17 - Saturdays, 11am to Noon

$295 introductory price (normally $350) 

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Written by Natasha Ganes, led by Deirdre Won-Short

In this weekly class, you will learn powerful journaling, visualization, and meditation techniques designed to release stress and overwhelm, and help improve your overall mental and emotional wellbeing. A different theme will be introduced each week.

You will be provided a journal at your first class.

Health and Wellness: The Complete Overall Physical, Mental, and Social Wellbeing

Through journaling, guided visualization, and meditation, you will create your own safe space for moments of stress, you will learn to understand your body’s reactions, regulate your breathing, and stay in the present moment. 

Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude to Boost Your Happiness  

Gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness – it can help you feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve your sleep, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. Through journaling, guided visualization, and meditation, this class will show you simple and effective gratitude practices that will shift your mindset into a more joyful, optimistic space.

Here and Now: The Art of Mindful Presence 

When we train our minds to become fully present, we become less reactive and overwhelmed by what goes on around us. Through journaling, guided visualization, and meditation, this class will help you stay in the moment and train your brain to objectively observe and label the thoughts, feelings, and sensations in your body.

Stress-Proof Your Space to Soothe Your Mind

The environments you surround yourself with can directly affect your mental and physical health. And that includes your mind. In this class, you will learn journal prompts and meditation techniques to declutter your inner and outer spaces. 

Practicing Kindfulness: Increase Your Compassion and Empathy

Getting in touch with your compassion and empathy improves daily positive emotions, reduces depressive symptoms, builds resilience, improves relationships, and increases life satisfaction. In this class, you will practice journal prompts, learn visualization techniques, and be led through numerous guided meditations that you can carry into your everyday life to increase your compassion and empathy, which are crucial to overall wellness.

 Self-Care and Stress Relief for Work/Life Balance 

A healthy work/life balance leads to less stress and better physical and mental health, and it’s ultimately created through your choices. Putting yourself first isn’t selfish: learning to prioritize, delegate, set boundaries, and take care of your own wellbeing will allow you to take care of others as well. In this class, you will practice journal prompts and meditations that will set you up for success in every area of your life. 

 The Path to Pleasure: Finding Joy Today and Every Day 

Joy, and the positive emotions that come with it, can improve your mental health, lower stress, and help you feel calm during adversity. Laughter especially is a great way to help your brain create feel-good chemicals and lower stress-causing ones. In this class, you will practice journal prompts, learn visualization techniques, and be led through guided meditations that you can use in your daily routine to create more joy in your life.  

Soul-tox: Connecting to Your Spirit for Stress Reduction

When you take the time to prioritize your mental, physical, and spiritual health, it leads to more balanced, happier living. When you get your head, heart, and body into alignment, life becomes more enjoyable, and this class will show you journal prompts and guided meditations that can help you reach that space. 

 Your Inner Harmony: Journaling & Guided Meditations to Heal from Within 

An abundance of stress can keep you from achieving inner peace, which dramatically affects your overall health and wellbeing. In this class, you will learn journaling prompts, visualizations, and meditation techniques that will help you learn to control your mind to maintain inner calmness. 

You Are Limitless: Creating an Abundance Mindset

When you develop an abundant mindset, it impacts your personal and professional success by making you feel clear, confident, and capable. Through journaling, guided visualization, and meditation, this class will set you up to change from a scarcity outlook into a more abundant one. 

Take Back Your Personal Power: Change the Script to Set Yourself Up for Success

Sometimes during moments of high stress, the non constructive cognitive thinking patterns that come into play can keep you stuck in a negative headspace, which creates further stress and overwhelm. This class will show you journaling prompts and mediation techniques to help you replace the common unhelpful thinking styles that everyone experiences from time to time with more positive coping mechanisms. 

Sleep Hygiene Habits for Optimal Health and Mental Fitness

Sleep plays a key role in your health and an inadequate amount of it can make you more vulnerable to mental and emotional instability, and poor decision-making. Through journaling, guided visualization, and meditation, this class teaches changes you can make to your daily routine and environment that will improve your sleep and overall quality of life. 

ABOUT Deirdre Won-Short

Deirdre is a Certified Health Coach and Life Coach and is passionate about guiding people to reach their potential by learning how to understand and manage their emotions. She coach them to let go of what they cannot control, thereby opening them up to living a fulfilled life. After spending decades working in the helping professions (a registered nurse specializing in hospice care, a teacher, and an international flight attendant, to name a few) she realized that people need more than what is readily available. She created Carriage House Coaching, LLC to provide the tools and support that people need and want. She helps her clients figure out what has been getting in their way and then figure out how to get it out of their way. Fast forward to today, Carriage House Coaching, LLC is a bustling business with numerous success stories.

Having Deirdre as your coach is about driving through all the dead wood and getting to the point of it all - and then doing something about it. When Deirdre is not coaching, she’s mom to three teen boys, a registered nurse, a teacher, a counselor, and life coach at a private high school. Plus, she’s a wife, daughter, sister, friend…