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23-0211 | SAT FEB 11 | Make and Read Your Runes

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Make your own set of wooden Runes!
Saturday February 11, 1:00-4:00, $40

Instructor: Kathy Manikowski
A fun class to explore, discuss, play, and make your own set of wooden Runes.
Rune stones are carved with ancient symbols that represent experiences, viewpoints, and archetypes of our human lives. They are great tools for taking closer looks at our soul path, our life lessons, and our own inner strengths and weaknesses. Working with the 24 stones can really help spark your intuitive abilities!
You will learn: Rune stone meanings, methods of casting, and layout designs. There will be time to practice reading your Rune Stones, create a wooden set of runes, and develop your own quick-glance Rune guide. We will study the traditional Nordic FUTHARK symbols.
Bring your own Runes or borrow a set.
“This was a really fun class, and I feel like I’m ready to start using my Runes!”