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23-0304 | SAT MAR 4 | Introduction to Psychic-Mediumship

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2 Day Weekend Class - Sat, Mar 4 from 10 to 4pm; Sun, Mar 5 from 11 to 4 pm

Instructor: Susan Fiandach, Professional Psychic-Medium, Teacher, co-Author of "Everyday Conversations - The Key to the Contemporary Medium"

$295 includes text and workbook

Connecting to information is a natural ability...and that information can come from the connection to those around you living (psychic) AND from those around you who have passed (medium). 

Sue Fiandach offers a unique and powerful method of unlocking your 6th sense, that steps you through the natural and basic ways to receive, interpret and deliver the information being received.

This is a very experiential class...no lengthy lectures on meditation, chakras, or spirit guides. This class will have you understanding psychic & medium information within the first hour!  Techniques and exercises throughout the course open the door to the fascinating world of psychic-mediumship, whether you are looking to train as a professional reader or just better understand and manage the information world around you.

Upon completion of this course, you are invited to continue your knowledge and experience through Monday evening development classes, 7 to 9pm, $10 per class as you choose to attend.