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23-0223 | FEB 23 | Empowering the Empath in You!

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Thurs, Feb 23 from 6:30 to 8:30pm


Karen Kurchyne

Open to Adults and Teens

This is an in depth class to learn about what an empath is and how to feel empowered with your empathic self! This two hour class includes exercises for you to develop your own tools for handling everyday situations that can seem overwhelming to your empathic self.  

We start by answering a few questions: What does being an empath mean? Who is empathic? Is it a curse? Is it a gift? Do empaths only feel emotions of other people? Or do they feel energy from locations, plants, animals and material things? Does being empathic mean you only feel negative emotions & energy? 

And then we’ll talk about how can you control it so that you can utilize it in a healthy way for you and others around you. We’ll discuss what I refer to as tools for your Empathic Toolbox. Things that you can use to better deal with situations you’ve experienced or may experience that leave you feeling sad, angry, depressed or drained.

Let’s build up your toolbox up so that you feel empowered in all situations and never feel you have to shut off or block your empathic self!