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2023 Psychic Tarot Readings by Email

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This promotional reading format is meant only to be guideposts and to offer perspectives on a question or aspect of life.  Email readings are returned normally within 3 business days.

A full reading conversation (psychic, tarot or medium) appointments can be booked with our readers on-line or by phone for in-person, phone, Zoom at the prevailing rates. See SERVICES>Readings for more info or call 585-427-8110

Here are two choices for an Email Psychic Tarot Reading:

THE SACRED 9:  $30 - This tarot spread is of 9 cards interpreted to provide validation and insight to a current situation or life area. A "bonus" card #10 offers a bit of clarification as well.

A YEAR OF INSIGHTS:  $30 - This tarot spread consists of 12 months, providing insights into each month, helpful for stepping stones throughout the next 12 months. 

Option:  If you have a specific area of life you'd like the Insights Reading to focus on, you can send your request to Connie@PurpleDoorSoulSource.com 

Note:   Per NYS law, readings are for entertainment purposes only.