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22-1007 | OCT 07 | Natural Energy Wellness Instruction

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Natural Energy Wellness Instruction/Workshop



Natural Energy Wellness
Energy Medicine without the fluff.
Choose from
Friday, Oct 7, from 10am to 1pm
Sunday, Nov 6, from Noon to 3pm
Components of Natural Energy Wellness are:

1. Theory of Energy Medicine - Instruction/Workshop class

2. Practice, practice, practice. You can only expand your understanding by working with Energy. I provide development classes giving you the opportunity to experience Life Force within yourself and others.

3. Self development - where would YOU like to take your knowledge and experience. Would you like to become a Natural Energy Wellness Practitioner/Advocate?
Do you simply want to have a better understanding for personal growth and to enhance your intuition?

The possibilities are endless!

Individual or group classes are available.

Natural Energy Wellness is a beautiful energy medicine that is easy to learn because you use your own intuition. 

No techniques to learn, nothing to remember....

It is as simple as that!

Ann Knapp, Natural Energy Wellness
"In the simplicity comes the expansion"