Energy Wellness Services

Energy and thought have a great impact on our lives and well-being. Explore energy therapies that facilitate the body's natural healing processes for greater emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.  
Energy Wellness Sessions and Instruction
Kathy Manikowski  
  • Energy Balancing:        30 Minutes - $35, 60 Minutes - $60
  • Chakra Charge:            60 Minutes - $60
  • Healer Mentoring:       30 Minutes - $35, 60 Minutes - $60
  • Private Classes:            For each 60 minutes - $60
Kathy is available on Wednesdays and for appointment or walk-in availability.
Energy Balancing:   Kathy intuitively blends together the healing benefits of Reiki, crystals, and OM tuning fork to help you feel gently energized and centered. 30 minutes or 60 minutes. 
Chakra Charge:   A full hour of Chakra focused healing includes the Energy Balancing above, plus information, guided imagery, and positive statements of intention for each Chakra.  60 minutes
Healer Mentoring:   Kathy offers support for Healers who may want to review, practice skills, discuss challenges, or work one-on-one to learn about new healing tools such as - pendulums, tuning forks, singing bowls, crystal grids, and color energy.  30 minutes or 60 minutes. 
Private Classes:   Can't make a regularly scheduled class?  
Set up a personal session/workshop and let's focus on you!  Topics available include-  Pendulums & Energy Healing, Make & Use Your Own Dowsing Rods, Bless & Clear Your Space, Auras - Your Energy Field, Chakras - Your Interactive Energy Centers, Intuitive Journaling, Meditation Sampler, Healing Energy of Tuning Forks, Explore Your Life Path, Read Your Rune Stones. 60 minutes +
Ann Knapp, Reiki Master-Teacher  
  • Reiki:        30 Minutes - $40, 60 Minutes - $70
Ann is available on Tuesdays and for appointment or walk-in availability.
Ann is a Reiki Master-Teacher with 11 years experience,  currently working with the Interlakes Oncology and U of R Highland Radiation Treatment Centers offering Reiki sessions for patients during treatments and after-care. The benefits of Reiki include reducing pain and assisting in recovery from treatment sessions, as well as relaxation sessions for family members. Contact Ann for appointments on selected Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

"R&R" Reiki and Reading Service

Our Reiki and Reading service providers offer a combination package of a 30 minute Reading and 30 minute Energy session that will inspire and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit!  Available most days and evenings upon appointment.  This one hour session is available for $85. Call for info and availability.

Meditation Sessions

The Purple Door offers several sessions for meditations. Call or check the calendar for dates and times.
  • Karen Kurchyne - Guided Meditation - 1st Sundays from 10 to 11am
  • Charles and Jane Ross - Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations - Wed evenings 6 to 6:30pm  (not available from June to August)
  • Kathy Manikowski - Guided and Tibetan Bowl Meditations as scheduled
Young Living(R) Essential Oils
Essential Oils can be used to clear the energy in your space, boost feelings of protection, help with meditation, enhance your Spiritual practices, ease sleep & stress, as well as for head & muscle aches, digestion, allergies and so much more!   For a class, consultation or questions, contact Karen Kurchyne at 585-313-2839.
Healing and Memories
Our "Honor a Beautiful Soul" program offers families and friends to purchase a professionally engraved brass plate of names and sentiments to memorialize loved ones who have passed. Each plate is displayed on a beautiful walnut plaque on our "Living Loving Wall of Honor" at our shop.  $50. Order forms available by calling our shop.

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