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2022 Natural Energy Wellness Instruction

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Natural Energy Wellness (N.E.W.) is an energy medicine modality originated by Ann Knapp.  This is a  powerful understanding of the Life Force Energy that dwells in each of us, and can be used easily and readily every day.  

Ann offers one-on-one instruction classes, as well as scheduled workshops for groups. $185 includes an experience of a NEW session with Ann. To book a one-on-one, please contact Ann at 585-489-1495.

You will learn the concepts of Energy Medicine to incorporate in your every day life or further develop as a Natural Energy Wellness Advocate for self or others.
such as:
…..The Universal Power of the Natural Energy Self
…..Techniques to recognize, feel and engage Life Force Energy
…..The Role of Practitioner and Client
…..Demonstration and Practice of facilitating a N.E.W. session for others
…..The YOU in Universe

Please contact Ann at 585-489-1495 to discuss Certification options.