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22-1230 | Natural Energy Wellness Instruction

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Natural Energy Wellness Instruction/Workshop

NEW LOCATION: The Purple Door, 3450 WINTON PLACE Plaza , far east end between Pursuit Performance and Ace Swim and Leisure


Natural Energy Wellness
Energy Medicine without the fluff.
Components of Natural Energy Wellness are:

1. Theory of Energy Medicine - Instruction/Workshop class

2. Practice, practice, practice. You can only expand your understanding by working with Energy. I provide development classes giving you the opportunity to experience Life Force within yourself and others.

3. Self development - where would YOU like to take your knowledge and experience. Would you like to become a Natural Energy Wellness Practitioner/Advocate?
Do you simply want to have a better understanding for personal growth and to enhance your intuition?

Sign up now for Individual sessions; you will be contacted for scheduling.
Group classes as scheduled
Natural Energy Wellness is a beautiful energy medicine that is easy to learn because you use your own intuition. 

Ann Knapp, Natural Energy Wellness: "In the simplicity comes the expansion"