The Work of the Psychic-Mediums: Energy Understood

Psychic-mediums have an understanding of energies, both from a “positive” and “negative” perspective.  Just as Christians have a strong definition of heaven and hell, good and evil, New Agers have a strong definition of positive and negative energies, higher and lower vibrations.  These concepts have been around for a while…and still seem to be very popular today as people look to understand the metaphysical realm.

Most people assume psychic-mediums deal with and are well-versed in negative energies, trapped entities, lower vibrational emotions, attachment/cords of unwanted entities, or the fears of “unlucky” or “cursed” experiences.  Today, this is not the case as psychic-mediums have an opportunity to move passed “earth is flat” beliefs to incorporate what we know about mind, what we know about energy and the importance of an unbiased perspective.

There is another horizon emerging in the psychic-medium world…that follows the Edgar Cayce “Spirit is the Life; Mind is the Builder; Physical is the Result” philosophy. That is, our mind creates the definitions of our lives, through thought, attitude, and beliefs. This is carried out, then, through word, action and reaction…what we experience…we call reality. 

This strong perspective allows the psychic-medium to provide services of empowerment, validation, inspirational perspective for growth and closure, and most importantly, loving and hope-based conversations from loved ones passed.  This is not to say “there is no such thing as ghosts…” but that “ghosts” do not affect the reading service.

An analogy may be like going to a fine restaurant to experience a great meal. The chef uses the best ingredients to create a delicious, customer-satisfied dinner. A chef would not “add in” old food or use outdated means to create the meal. The chef, servers and establishment work in the best environment to provide the greatest experience for their client, and don’t serve up spoiled food just because spoiled food exists.

The basis of a psychic-medium connection is the awareness of the energetic nature of information and the unbiased interpretation and delivery of that information. Today’s psychic medium has an opportunity to do the same by eliminating old, outdated beliefs and rhetoric from their reading conversation…Energy is understood.