Before the Vibe, it's Mind

Happy New Year! 2022 is forecasted to be a wonderful “6” vibe energy (2+0+2+2) which has been slated to be harmonious, loving, prosperous.  2022 is for You!

So, how do we get that vibe going?

Mind.  Awareness is consciousness in action, choosing positivity and empowerment to experience our reality. When putting Mind first, we create…if Mind is second, we react.

Vibe…or vibration…is the thing we experience through our senses…like sound vibrations, through the “recording device” known as the brain. It’s the functionality of receiving vibrations, storing that information, and sending impulses/chemicals to our bodies. Our brain receives and reacts. If we “pay no mind” to this functionality, we’re on auto-pilot, and experience the same scenario as the brain processed before.

Let’s mind in 2022.

Neuroscience says we have the wonderful ability to re-wire our brain…change our habitual paths of mental/emotional/chemical reactions…to create a new experience. Creation is the mind driving the bus. If mind is first, we are aware of the vibrations coming at us, and choose the path to take through thoughts to words to actions. We have an experience, and then store that thought-to-outcome path in the brain for future reference and accessibility.

In other words, it’s not to “feel the vibration” to experience the reality. It’s “mind the vibration” to create the reality.  Mind optimistic, harmonious, and abundant thoughts to create new paths of positive habits, empowering actions, and as-desired outcomes.

The brain will comply…it is by design…sending out neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, to let you know you are creating exciting and enjoyable experiences, and keeps you motivated for more of the same. So maybe it’s not the destination that “makes” you happy, it’s the journey that “keeps” you happy.

Let the mind as the first step in this mind-process of creation, by thinking the thoughts, expressing the words, and performing the actions. Even if it’s one thought…one new pathway…one empowered action…mind the vibes of harmony, love, and prosperity on a “life is good” journey.

Happy New Year!