What if the Universe is a Party?

Imagine going to a holiday party. As you drive up, the street is quiet. There are no indications of celebration happening anywhere…all you hear are your own footsteps as you walk up to the entrance. Just then, the door opens and BAM, there are a multitude of sights and sounds everywhere. You are asked to “choose a room” to experience people, music, food, decorations, games…as you desire.

From everything around you, make a decision…take a step…enjoy the experience.

What if that’s us in the universe?

Made of up infinite and unlimited potential of experiences and we choose the room?

The Universe is made up of pure potential energy and consciousness…the awareness of being…and the host of the party!  This is a most gracious host, with no expectation, bias, rule or judgement on which room we choose.

How do we choose?  We think about it…we make a decision and take the steps necessary to walk into the desired experience.

It’s already there. Energy Consciousness is hosting infinite ways and means to experience it.  Unlimited in its hosting ways and has unlimited rooms of experience…based on thoughts of our wants, desires, beliefs, perspectives.  The host is always ready for us to choose.

If we walk into a room and don’t like the music, don’t like the rules of the game being played, don’t like the food, don’t like the people, etc., we can change the decision (the thought) to enter another room. The pure potentiality of the universe is ready, and the host is willing.

This is the basis of what Edgar Cayce stated:  “Spirit is the Life; Mind is the Builder; Physical is the Result.” Or in our story’s case: Energy-Consciousness is the Host; Thought is our choice of room; Walk in it and enjoy.  Or as Wayne Dyer stated: “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” If you don’t like the room, change the choice…aka change the thought.

Sounds simple but in our current state of mind, we are loaded down with doubts, fears, perspectives, beliefs, rules, dogma, emotional dramas and traumas. Our culture, religion, upbringing have “dressed us up” for this party and we then choose that room, over and over again.

This host of infinite, unlimited and unconditional Energy-Consciousness has no rules, has no expectations…it is pure in its state of beingness.  It’s like Drew Carey’s intro to his show: “Welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway where everything is made up and the rules don’t matter.”  The host is pure in state and doesn’t “bring to matter” any rules…we do that by choosing the room to experience the party inside.  The host just provided the invitation.

The rules are inside us, and we define and structure reality is so many ways…from angels to zombies, from abundance to zero, from fear to joy. 

Albert Einstein is quoted to say:  “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” 

Match the rules (aka beliefs) with the desire. Want abundance, change the belief of lack.  Want love, belief in the love within self. Want success, believe in the possibility of it. 

And as we turn to thank our host, we find we are looking at our selves! Energy-Consciousness is the host and the guest…of the same stuff…no separation…no difference. Rumi stated it beautifully: “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”  

The party is already happening in any and every way imaginable.  Think/choose based on what you desire, and attend to experience. Enjoy your choices.