The Chaos and Peace of Psychic-Medium Abilities

The Chaos and Peace of Psychic-Mediumship

By Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake

Our natural intuitive ability is coming out of the dark ages of mystique, magic and mayhem…finally!

Psychics-mediumship is the ability of intuitive interpretation of information received through the extra perception of our senses. This is supported by eons of human experience, paranormal, near-death and the like, and the ones most of us have every day. Also, as a science-view, we can follow the outcome of the double-slit experiment illustrating how the observer (consciousness) affects the path of a particle (energy).

To restate…there is a relationship between the information of consciousness and energy, and we use our sensory perception to navigate through physical via the five physical senses, and energy via the sixth sense…aka ESP, intuition, vibes, “just had a feeling,” “that small voice,” etc.   Our brain is involved as the tool of the interpretation.

We receive signals from energy around us…the energy of people, places and things…and interpret those signals through our brains that bring up memories and emotions. If the brain saw a scary movie about hauntings, ghosts, demon apparitions, etc., then its interpretation would use that frame of reference to interpret the energy information of a spirit in the room.  A biased view, and only true for the one thinking it.  Remembering a childhood cartoon favorite, Casper the Friendly Ghost, there’s more to it than fear.

The observer’s frame of reference affects the sensory interpretation of the energy information being received and paints the picture of reality accordingly.

This interpretation, then, can be chaos or peace for the person involved.

Chaos is defined as confusion, disarray, disorganization. The gaps in understanding something can cause chaos…the lack of organized thought can cause chaos. When something is explained as magic or mystical, the person is left with unexplained gaps of the unknown, and most of the time, fear. When fear is used to affect a person’s experience, that is referred to as mayhem.

On the other end of the spectrum is peace. Peace is a state of calm, quiet and harmony. There is no discourse. There is comfort and closure to the peaceful state of “all is well.”

If these concepts are related to psychic-mediumship, we can see an experience of chaos or peace.

If within ourselves, our chaos is based on not having enough information, not seeing a larger view or perspective…defaulting to a fear-based outcome or experience.

If within ourselves, our peace is based on understanding the “all” in “all is well” and seeing/sensing beyond the fear.  Peace comes from a joy-based perspective or understanding.

If as a service from a psychic-medium, the same applies! The psychic-medium will either imbue chaos or peace, based on their interpretation and delivery of the sensed energy/information being received.

It all, then, boils down to where one exists.  Is your reality fear-based and in the negative/positive of emotion, hell/heaven, demon/angel and the powerless? 

Or is your reality joy-based and in loving peace and wisdom, and powerful beingness.

Defining the reality, the universe, where one exists, is a choice of reality. Define yours and then follow the rules of that universe…confusion, chaos, discord or calm, peace, acceptance, joy. See it in yourself…see it in others.

Out of the dark ages of the mystique, magic and mayhem…chaos…and into the powerful wisdom of our natural intuitive nature…peace.