“An educated consumer is our best customer.” –Sy Sims and the Psychic-Medium


Why does a psychic reader want to educate a consumer?  As with all things, knowledge helps to grow a greater understanding of ourselves, our lives, and our world. In this case, knowledge about the psychic realm helps to release us from the fear, myth and Hollywood misconceptions about paranormal phenomena…including psychic-medium readings.  The contemporary psychic-medium works from the wealth of information available, with validating evidence of the connection, and the moral code of “do no harm” through the responsibility of ethics and principle of free will and choice.

We define a psychic-medium reading as the information received. Psychic means soul and refers to the information about the living…about you and those living around you.  Medium means in the middle, to intervene between two things, and refers to the information from non-living sources, from those passed.

We look at the universe from an energy and consciousness point of view. Energy is non-physical (defined at the Quantum level), and physical (defined at the Newtonian level).  Consciousness is the observer, as the non-physical of the cosmic (or non-local) mind, and physical of our local mind.

This relationship of energy+consciousness is our reality…played out through thought-word-action of experience and recorded as memories…and it’s available for playback! Whether the memories are housed in our local mind, or the cosmic non-local mind, the information contained therein is what a psychic-medium accesses.

In fact, we can all access this information!  Psychic information is about the living…person to person…and is also referred to as our “vibes.”  We can sense and feel the vibes of people, places and things…this is also referred to as intuition.  If we take vibes and intuition as referring to the same thing, as information, we can access, interpret, convey and engage it to connect and communicate between ourselves and with the universe.

We want people to know…that our natural state of sensory perception—whether it’s five sensory for our physical environment or six sensory for our non-physical environment (aka ESP/intuition)—it does not have to be defined from a spirituality or fear-based myth point of view.  Spirituality includes such as spirit guides, sacred contracts, chakras, portals/dimensions. Fear/myths include such things as negative attachments, trapped or suffering souls, demons, or mysterious portal/dimensions (here too!).

We also want people to know…the value of the reading, from the evidence point of view. The memories of lives lived—from the loved one passed—is a wealth of information. And wealth is value. Through sincere, never-ending learning, the psychic reader extends their ability to make a deeper connection, and the depth and breadth of the information available.

And lastly, we want people to know…on the type of reading to seek.  Looking for information on your life? Look for a psychic reader, who also may employ tarot, oracle, tea leaves, astrology, palm or other such tools to augment the reading.  Looking to connect with a loved one passed? Seek out a medium. Need information regarding your spiritual next steps or life purpose? Seek out a spiritual counselor/adviser. Want to communicate with your pet, here or passed? Go to a pet or animal communicator.  How about a reading on your health? Look for a trained health intuitive for information on how to augment (not diagnose or prescribe) health concerns.

In any case, the information is always meant to assist, facilitate, guide, empower.  No “you should…you need to” here!  Avoid asking for concrete “yes” or “no” to a serious life question, or questions regarding the actions (or lack of) of another person.  Instead, frame the question as “what does the Universe want me to know about _____ and my part in it?”  Look for information that provides insight and perspective, to more assuredly make your next step as appropriate for you.

And while it is framed as information, reading is an art and not a science. Each reader is unique and fashions the reading through their perspective.  The connection of the reader, the spirit, and the client creates a symphony of a worthwhile conversation to be enjoyed. No fear, myth or Hollywood/New Age razz-ma-tazz. Know the difference.