What is “that small voice” worth?


You have it, don’t you? “That small voice” that we sometimes listen to, and sometimes we don’t. It’s in there, we all have it, so what is its worth? 

Its worth…its value…is our evolution.

Throughout our human history, we have that vocal instinct of the small voice in our head…or the sensing instinct of a gut feeling…or that flash image of something physical that’s “not there.” Why the evolution of this extra sensory perception? 

Information…and with that information, connection. Through information, intention and action, we can know our world, manifest our reality, and connect to everything and everyone in it.

Connection is who we are as a human race.  We are naturally wired to receive and interpret energy signals through the play and display of our physical senses. This is that extra sensory perception of each of our physical senses. It’s what the brain knows, and uses, to interpret the energy signals it is receiving…that small voice, that gut feeling, that fleeting image we thought we saw.

This isn’t about a spiritual enlightenment, a gift of the oracle, or the curse of feeling. This also isn’t about “being right” when we do interpret and convey this information.

As a service, an ethical service, psychics and mediums embrace an authentic interpretation of energy information, to be sure their biases, fears, or spirituality do not color, and therefore, change the message.  Think of a psychic who recently went through a terrible divorce, and still carries the burn of significant others…before you know it, you may be getting a “psychic message” to beware xxx in your relationship.

As an everyday connection, each of us also want to receive and interpret without fear, myth or dogma that can change our experience.  Think of standing next to someone in a checkout line and feeling “dark negative vibrations” from the person next to you. Is that person a demon?  A lower vibrational energy?  Or maybe someone who just lost a loved one and is in grief.

We then realize we need to redefine our psychic selves, and indeed, learn to enjoy our psychic selves.  When we look inside ourselves and clear away fear, myth, bias and dogma, we can clearly see the message, the guidance, the validation…the connection…to our world and the people in it. We then live in concert with our world and the universe at large, recognizing the power of awareness, ourselves and each other.

Through awareness of all of our senses, including the 6th extra sensory perception, the value of “that small voice” turns into an expanded reality and the coincidences of our everyday miracles.