A Star Trek a-ha moment - Where do you exist?

“Where do you exist?” - It’s in your Self Talk

I was watching…or re-watching…the first episode of “Deep Space Nine” the other night, a spin-off of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the early 1990’s.

In this episode, Commander Sisko is assigned to aid the restoration of a Space Station orbiting Bajora, a peaceful, spiritual planet that was occupied by the authoritarian Cardassians. On his first day, he met their spiritual leader who was to unite the people of the fledging planet, and told him to find the Spiritual Temple to help guide their society from the chaos left by the Cardassians.

He found it in a wormhole, created by the Spiritual Prophets, who were intrigued by this human, and used the memories of those around him to pose questions of their curiosities…such as, body composition, language and linear existence. The Prophets would bring Commander Sisko back to his memories to try to understand human beingness…and one memory they used was the memory of the death of Sisko’s wife, Jennifer, lost in a battle with the Borg three years earlier.

The Prophets kept telling Sisko…”You exist here” and asked why. He was repeatedly returned to the last moments of being with his wife and having to leave her on the doomed ship before escaping from the battle.

In frustration, he asked the Prophets, “Why do you keep bringing me here?” to which they replied, “You keep bringing us here…you exist here.”

At that moment, Sisko understood he never left the traumatic experience of losing his wife…he was emotionally and mentally tied there…still in that place…anguish, sorrow, grief, anger.

FASCINATING!  I pondered that phrase “You exist here” and realized this perspective provides a great “check-in” to our current state of being…our sub-conscious drive of our thoughts, words and actions.

“Where do I exist?” is a wonderful exploration of our selves. Our self talk…critical or supportive…hateful or loving…reactive or creative…is a window to our reality.  Sometimes our self talk are whispered responses to things we said or did…or sometimes our self talk is said “out loud” during times of stress or frustration.  To recognize it, and realize it explains the relationship to our selves (and ultimately to those around us), we can keep that reality, or look for another one.

So to answer Dr. Phil’s question, “How’s that workin’ for ya?” we can also ask ourselves, “Where to I exist?”  Through the power of awareness, intention and strength, the answers can be used to assess and update this underlying software of our attitude and behavior…the reality of our daily life.

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” –Wayne Dyer.

I realize I have critical thoughts of my self…explained as a need for perfection…a low self esteem…etc. etc. etc.  But as I ponder my thoughts and actions of daily life–as a mom, grandmom, friend and business owner–I am aware of where I exist.  I realize I’m in the arena of lack, and the “need” to “make up for” things I feel I don’t have, blaming others/situations of how I got here, etc.  Normal stuff, I believe, we all have our baggage, but I think it’s always worth looking into in a way to “let that stuff go” and change thoughts to change reality. 

A daily thing, the journey…and we have the power.

Where do you exist?  Check your self talk, go from there, and most importantly, enjoy the journey we call life.