"Don't call me 'new age'"

I think there have been many iterations of “new age” from the “Age of Reason” of the 1700/1800’s to “New Thought” of the 1900’s to the “Human Potential Movement” of the 1960’s, then “mind-body-spirit” of the 1990’s, continuing to today’s understanding of the evolved relationship of science and spirituality.

My first encounters of my “new age journey” began in the late 90’s…reading a lot of books (pre Facebook and You-Tube), tried Spiritualism, and explored a variety of psychic phenomena. I was totally absorbed in many new agey aspects and merrily skipped along my spiritual journey.

And now, 20 years later, something happened. My current business and profession are now very steeped in the mind-body-spirit concepts of being, which affords me a 24/7 immersion of thought and expression. I truly love it…but I’ve noticed a shift in today’s new age, as in the marketing of.

As I read the many blogs, Facebook postings, and the plethora of seminars and retreats, I am concerned of the ramifications of the marketing hype.  The spectrum of new age is wider than ever, and some of it has seemingly gone past the Twilight Zone, in that the concepts are beyond proof, reasoning, and more importantly, core truth.

I just may be an old person now, but I see a lot of today’s new age as razz-ma-tazz marketing hype, and with it, victimization.  

Yes, victimization. A spiritual evolution is meant to be expansive, empowering and universal. A growth of the self to soul truth of who we are as beings of consciousness energy, originating from the ultimate Source of Pure Consciousness Energy. That purity represents a oneness of expression in an unlimited potential of existence. Our understanding of the physical is that physical matter is the result of, not the origin of, our being. This makes choice paramount, in the here and now, putting the power in thought/intention/creation in play, instead of matter/result/reaction. 

The victimization is seen in many of the ways people are defining, or being defined as, their spiritual expressions. These definitions are binding, not empowering. They represent another set of dogma in our lives…and it is sad to see it so prolific through social media such as Facebook.


Empath - Today’s new age has defined a separate group of people “sensitive” to the energies (emotions, people, places) around them. Complete with symptoms (“You are an empath if…”) that bind people to the one-sided experience of woe. Empathism is not an affliction but the euphoria of connecting to the world…universe…on all levels. There is nothing evolutionary about separation and hiding behind shields of white light. Empathism is connection…aka, oneness. Choice is paramount.

Indigo, Crystal, etc. - Here are more definitions of a separate group of people who are said to be ushering in human evolution due to their intrinsic nature of love, peace, wisdom. If core truth of new age is oneness, then separateness cannot support experience to get there. At our deepest essence, we ALL are love, peace, wisdom.

Crystals - have been marketed to the hilt, radiated, synthesized, idolized to where the crystal is given the power, and not the person holding it! The crystals are not empowering…thought/intention/creation puts the person in charge.  If only focused by the result of vibes, caution is needed to be sure it’s not a trap of an endless feedback-loop. “I am not resonating with that crystal” is simply a vibe not in play in your creating/intending thought process. Don’t blame the crystal…it does not have will to “do” anything…that’s up to you.   

Vibrations, Dimensions and Chakras, oh my! - Has new age created false gods through the slicing and dicing of the Universe? Yes yes yes, everything is energy and energy vibrates. New age has created a hierarchy, separating humanity through judgement of the levels of these constructs. Someone else has determined these levels of beingness…another set of limiting dogma followers….with a focus on “fixing” or “achieving” instead of the power of thought, in the here and now. The evil of vibrational false godness are in the statements, such as “I am a higher vibration than…” or “She/He is a lower vibrating …,”  “Your heart chakra is blocked”  or  “I work from a higher dimension…” sound more like rules of upmanship than Oneness. The power of the journey to the higher expression of Self (Source) is simply potentiality with Higher Consciousness. No “human rules,” as a friend of mine always says.

My opinion on “your heart chakra is blocked” is that …it’s an opinion of someone who has an understanding of energy for themselves and is an interpretation of what they are seeing/saying to you. Someone else has defined a “blocked” chakra.  The power of thought, choice is paramount in the here and now, says everything is evolving, including you, with each thought creating a new you.  Don’t put efforts and energies to “fix” a blocked chakra…create and express the thoughts of openness, love, acceptance and serenity. 

And finally, there is A LOT of new agey events and experiences out there that put more attention on the thing than the being.  “Visit the vortex rocks of ….” for the experience of being. There is no more power there than you…because ultimately, once you truly embrace the core concept, you can have the experience without the rocks!

Anything that separates, victimizes, defines, restricts, judges and promotes upmanship cannot represent the universal truth of Oneness. We are each powerful beings, uniquely expressing and experiencing ourselves on a journey to core truth. Keep a discerning mind to concepts being presented…taking the parts that grow you to a higher expression of your greatest vision.

I may be tart in my view, and maybe I have forgotten the exhilaration of new spiritual adventures. My concern is today’s new age is binding, not empowering. It is full of more things to take us away from core truth of who we are as beings from the Source of Pure Consciousness Energy.

Choice is paramount in the here and now. Grow and enjoy the variety of connection and your soul truth, the High Self, in many, beautiful and positive ways.  The Universe is powerful, and so are we…go beyond the dogma and fixing a past experience. Every thought is a new adventure of being.

So call me old, call me weird, call me opinionated…but don’t call me new age. Thanks for tuning in.