Heaven on Earth: Inspi-Rational

During the 1700’s “Age of Reason” German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, defined enlightenment this way: “Enlightenment is the liberation of man from his self-caused state of minority. Minority is the incapacity of using one’s understanding without the direction of another. This state of minority is self-caused when its source lies not in a lack of understanding but in a lack of determination to use it without the assistance of another.” I believe he was referring to then focus on science over God, instead of the blending of the two systems.

One of my regular “new thought” gurus is Neale Donald Walsch who posted:  “The way to get to your soul is not to stop thinking, but rather, to start thinking of what your soul is knowing at any particular moment.”

One of my friends and associates, Rich Flint, coined the phrase:  “Inspi-Rational” 

I believe these two things are similar in that thinking what your soul is knowing is being inspi-rational…or in another way, being guided by our divinity through the positive influence of reason and understanding.

Inspiration and rationality can be thought of as two sources…information and perspective from two directions…from the inside (spirited self) and the outside (physical self) to provide a balanced viewpoint and reality.

The rational understanding of today is not just through science but a greater sense of philosophy, in that we can step aside of myths, dogma and fear of the unknown and redefine who we are and what we are doing here. A rational viewpoint alone, however, may be void of our inner selves and truth of who we are.

So we’re not just an expression of energy, spirit and oneness…and we are not just an expression of matter, duality and pragmatic thought. By Kant’s definition, to do so would be a state of minority, lack, one-sidedness. So we must go for both sources. 

Inspiration - the expression of our energy, spirited selves and divine thought, producing inner joy, creativity, originality. Inspiration is unconditional and transcends limits of fear-based instincts/ego, and re-engages the miracles of our selves.

Rationality - “knowledge is power” to go beyond ignorance, dogma and fear. Enlightenment through perception and reasoning. Our reasoning is not based on fear (do this or go to hell) or myth but correlated with a higher perspective and expanded consciousness. 

It’s easy to see the positive of both ends in a great expression of daily living. In fact, one would have to engage the positives of both sides.  If a belief system is positive on one side and negative on the other, there is imbalance. Efforts to define oneself in this reality may cause confusion and disparity.

I am involved with “new age” in practice and business. One of the most common examples of an out-of-balance inspi-rational sense are said by many “new-agers” who have discovered their energy/spirit/divine selves while still caught in an irrational, fear-based set of beliefs.

Such as:

“I feel their negative energy and it affects me greatly.” 
“One must always protect their energy from low vibrational beings.”
“My higher vibration allows me to …”

In a positive inspired state and a positive rational mind, divinity is not a victim of negativity. God is not offended by that type of person or this type of practice. Oneness does not have a higher vibrational who’s or what’s. Oneness is a state of ONE-ness with infinitely wisdom, unconditionally engaged.

The VALUE of INSPI-RATIONALITY is recognizing the power of our divine selves in a world that also requires discernment, reasoning and greater perception. We positively work from two impressive potentialities to create balance…to “know what our soul is thinking” and acting accordingly.

“Heaven on Earth”