We won't just float away...

I read a lot about the 5th Dimension…going there…being it as “We are raising our vibration to our light bodies.” 

What does that mean? Spiritually, emotionally and mentally, there are many people who have achieved great sense of higher being-ness.  Is the 5th dimension in our consciousness only?  A total way of being…100% expressions steeped in love, kindness, compassion, joy…that leads to a physical representation, right? Or is it just in our heads? But isn’t that where everything starts anyway?
And then I saw it…in a rerun episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation, entitled “Transfigurations”  It happens on Stardate 43957.2. After crashing his spaceship on a planet, an alien is given medical attention on the Enterprise. He wakes up without knowing who (or what) he is. He is a gentle being and begins to exhibit great healing powers.  As he recovers, he feels a strange symptoms happen in his body but doesn’t know what is going on. Eventually, his people come after him, claiming he is a criminal on his world. But then “John Doe” remembers who he is and his flight from his home world. He was part of his society on the verge of an evolutionary change, and his people couldn’t accept it. Then the metamorphosis happens throughout his entire body, and he turns into a light being and floats away.

We can’t run away to the 5th dimension without doing the work of being…it has to happen by us, from us, to us. Now, more than ever, we have to change our thoughts from fear to love, from “them vs us” to “oneness of all of us”, from terrorist to compassionist.  The separateness of a special group of evolving people is a contradiction to the Oneness of the universe. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” has more evolutionary power than “we heading into the 5th dimension.” “Be the change” is the work we must all do…24/7.  It’s a tough job in today’s world but every step toward that is needed, and worth it.

We won’t just float away.