Message Roulette

ok…we’ve talked about this nicely…

TO ALL PSYCHIC-MEDIUMS OUT THERE, whether in the closet or sitting at your reading table…

Russian Roulette is defined as a lethal game of chance…the outcome may be tragic.

Message Roulette can be thought of as similarly tragic. But on TV medium shows being aired as entertainment, the medium walks up to a “random” person, gives a message, and everyone walks away happy.  People…this is TV…it is staged! 

This style of mediumship is an illusion…and indeed lethal…in that it can tragically affect a person’s life.  You only see the happily ever after on TV.

In Message Roulette, the self-proclaimed medium does not ask for permission AND/OR offers a “message” that is mis-interpretted.  When not asking for permission (“I have a message for you and ….”), it negates the Universal Law of free will and choice, and puts their own narcissistic need to do something without regard to respect or choice. 

ALL INFORMATION RECEIVED via our senses (physical, psychic, feelings) goes through the brain to be interpreted and then communicated. This interpretation is based on what our brain already knows…through upbringing, culture, spirituality, TV and Hollywood, outdated norms, myths, fears, and deep-seated psyche stuff.   The communicated message can potentially convey the medium’s references, filters, common sense and decency.  An untrained, ego-driven medium abandons ethics, respect, and most importantly, compassion, in order to give whatever the medium feels is important. When unchecked, an un-authentic medium and their messages are terrorizing the public.

Harsh words?  Not compared to the horror stories of these ninja mediums when their messages are tragic, heart-breaking and, frankly, wrong. They rip the heart of their victims, and sabotage a person’s mental foundations of self-worth.  

It doesn’t come out as rosy as it does on TV.  Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  The work of psychic-mediumship is 360…meaning, it is serious, it is principled, it is qualified, it is dutiful, and above all, it is Compassionate with a Capital C!  If you can’t handle all of the aspects of meeting this standard in your message work, DON’T DO IT!

“Your (deceased loved one) is angry at you for …”
“Your (deceased loved one) is no longer available to you because …” 
“Your (deceased loved one) suffers from …”
“There’s a negative attachment to your son…”

(If you don’t know why the above items are un-authentic, find out why and get training!”

NO EXCUSE releases you from the higher purpose of this work…and we’ve heard many of them:

“I’ve just have to give this message…”
“It’s what my guide told me…”
“It’s my life purpose…”
“I know what I heard (seen, felt)…”

If you did, you wouldn’t give the horrific messages we are hearing about. We spend hours piecing back together people’s hearts and minds from your blinded, egotistical self-serving behavior.

Let’s THINK of it this way…

T - Is it true?  Not your truth…the truth of the other person. You can’t possibly know that deepest, soul-level truth between the person and God, so don’t try.

H - Is it helpful? Or empowering, respectful, compassionate, caring, supportive, beneficial, thoughtful… get the picture?

I - Is it inspiring?  Uplifting, of the highest intent, motivating, encouraging…see a pattern?

N - Is it necessary?  Based on the answer to permission of the participant…based on the person’s soul-truth, which remember…you don’t know…

K - Is it kind?  Decent, gracious, virtuous, selfless, HUMANE!  

If your message does not meet the above, you did not THINK.  You have mis-interpretted the message from the Unconditional Loving Universe.  

Assess your self, get help, get training, or SHUT #F(&*# UP!