The Terrorizing Psychic

As professional psychic-mediums, and educators of exploring and engaging psychic studies, we hear many stories along the spectrum of reading experiences…from the client’s point of view. It’s very disconcerting to hear the woes from clients of inconsiderate, disrespecting, uncaring “messages.”

And it’s time to raise the roof…

Would you want someone to tell you “you’re going to die in 30 days” and walk out of the room??? Was that a doctor? Was she/he trained? What’s the reason…the whole story…the compassion…the help???

No doubt, we are in a great time of connection! Our science, spirituality and greater understanding of our consciousness allow us to “go where no one has gone before!”

People are exploring and engaging their intuitive abilities…psychic senses…empathic (feelings) connections to people, place and things around them. Psychic-Mediums are mainstream more than ever, in TV shows, psychic shops, wellness centers, fairs and organized events all over.

and that’s GOOD!

But with great power comes great responsibility.  The impact of psychic-medium messages can be good, bad and even ugly…and the need to fully understand this ability to offer messages/readings to is paramount.

The intuitive senses…information coming from an unseen source, being translated through the brain, and delivered through our how we speak…left unchecked, undisciplined, unknown and ungoverned…is BAD

…and the disregard for the receiver’s “free will and choice,” emotional and mental well-being is not only UGLY, but damaging!

Information received is colored in the way of the receiver’s world…their upbringing, their spirituality, their culture, their biases and fears. We are each unique, and intuition is exactly the same.

As soon as a person “gives a message” to another, that person is responsible for the consequences, whether known or not known at the time of delivery. That means, the psychic-medium-clairvoyant-empath-intuitive-healer MUST KNOW, UNDERSTAND and EMBRACE the highest knowledge and quality of psychic-mediumship understanding and delivery.

You are approached by someone who says, “I have a (loved one) in spirit (who has passed) and he/she is angry about what you are doing now.”   The giver of the “message” was proud of him/herself…the receiver goes into a deep depression. This is an example of “the UGLY.”

A “bad” reading is where there is no connection; an “UGLY” reading is where the giver glows but the receiver woes!  

A message..a reading…is the CONVERSATION where there is a beginning, a middle and an end. There is an art to this conversation…and deep understanding of what the message is…and how the person is translating it for the benefit of the client.

The incoming information is not wrong…the translation can certainly be…because the translation is the person’s reflection of their mental state, beliefs, ego. 

Psychic-mediums-clairvoyants-empaths-intuitives-healers who do not consider their clients (any and all receivers of their messages) are TERRORISTS!

Think about it. If you don’t pursue quality in this type of compassion communication, the message is useless TO THE CLIENT and you should keep the information to yourself.

Explore your psychic senses? Absolutely! We can greatly enhance our own lives with great insights and improve our own daily lives.

Arbitrarily give messages to others? Not unless you accept the great responsibility of another’s well-being. If you can’t get past “but that’s what I heard/saw/felt” you’re not ready to give it.  Personal excellence and accountability through research, training, introspection and personal growth must happen. If you can’t do this, keep the “messages” to yourself!

As receivers of messages, if the information doesn’t serve, validate, empower, comfort or heal, WALK AWAY!

As givers of messages, be responsible and improve the quality and ethics of compassion communication…”put up or shut up.”

Yes, we’re that adamant about it…our work is for the benefit of our client…always and in all ways.