The Psychic-Medium Reader

Today’s Psychic-Mediumship - The Reading and the Reader

We have a great opportunity to expand beyond the myths and fears of our ignorance…beyond not knowing how our world works, not knowing how our universe works, not knowing how our body works, and not knowing how our mind works. We have gone beyond mystery and magic and into an age of advancements and universal truths. Indeed, a great time to be alive!

One of the areas of new understanding is in our natural intuitive senses, our psychic selves. Even the processes of mediumship, meditation and the “in the zone” mind have been explored, expanded and engaged. It is expressing our natural selves in a way that break the bonds of ignorance.

In regards to psychic-mediumship specifically, we work through several key elements to really empower ourselves in belief and engagement. These key elements are:

  • Information
  • Intention
  • Involvement

Psychic-Medium readings are an exchange of information between the physical and non-physical worlds…between matter and energy…between consciousnesses of human experiences, whether “here/alive” or “hereafter/dead.”  Readers access this information through their mind-consciousness and their brain-senses, and this information is received, interpreted and communicated. Whatever is in the mind/brain of the reader has an impact on the interpretation…the reading. The reader keeps the information neutral by keeping their spirituality and personal baggage (beliefs/attitudes) out of the reading. The objective truth of the information is for the betterment of the client. 

Here is where intention comes into play. The reader’s intention is to be as clear, unbiased, authentic as possible so that their ego, filters, influences, emotional issues and mental hang-ups don’t get in the way of transferring the information to the client. The readings are intended to provide a service that offer insight, validation, healing, comfort. It’s not about the “wow” factor, the expression of a “gift” or the “need” to express information not fully reasoned or understood. The intention of the reader and the reading is to serve the client…always.

Everybody deserves an opportunity to connect with their loved ones. To this end, a reader involves the client in the conversation, and a reading is supported by evidence, clarity and validation. Maintaining the client’s free will and choice is paramount…there are no instructions, only messages of information to provide empowerment through insight, healing through closure, confidence through validation…supported by evidence and exchange.

A Few Words on Expectations
Both the reader and the client have expectations, and that’s not always a good thing. Striving to provide a clear and accurate reading is a great expectation on both sides of the table. However, and mostly based on outdated thinking and TV/Hollywood, here are a couple of expectations we would like to put to rest:

Reader - Wanting to give the “pow” and the “wow” of a reading. While readers “want to get it right,” if the reader is hoping to make such a profound statement to be life altering, that is unrealistic, and not encouraged. A reading is between the client and their soul, their High Self. The reader doesn’t know what is needed at that level, but trusts that whatever the information is, it’ll be for their client’s highest and best good. Leave the “pow” and the “wow” to the Higher Power.

Client - Wanting the concrete future of things, all the answers, and spelled out so succinctly that there is no confusion. Well, wouldn’t that be nice! A reading is a series of interpretations of what the reader is feeling, sensing, hearing, etc. And readers ARE NOT fortune tellers…that’s the old view. Information provides insights, perspective, validations so that decisions can be made and executed. The final say is always the client’s free will and choice.

Additionally, readers take on a great responsibility and must set standards to accomplish the above in a highly ethical manner. A psychic-medium steps away from mythology and seeks the truth of the connection to honor the client. A client should never walk away from a reading feeling imposed, anxious, appalled or shell-shocked. The quality of the information, the purity of the intention, and the value of the involvement are the key measures of today’s psychic-medium reader and reading.