Are you a Joypath?

There are many articles on the internet regarding people who are sensitive and/or empathic…sensitive to the energies of people, places and things. While there is a clinical view of a highly sensitive person adversely affected by the over stimulation of the senses, this posting is addressing the new agey view that the empath is subject to dire consequences of this way of being. 

What if there is another view?  Empathy, defined, is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. “Ability to understand” means a conscious choice and act. This ability, this sense of connecting to others, then can be realized, assessed, and disciplined to a positive outcome.  Knowledge is power.

Wayne Dyer says: “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”  If the general view describes an empath as a condition and life sentence to misery, let’s change the view. 

So let’s be Joypaths…one who has the ability to share and understand others in a positive, healthy way.

Here is a 10 Question Self-Assessment Test

  1. Have I’ve been told I’m a pleasure to be around?
    2. Do I frequently laugh and see the humor of things?
    3. Do arguments and yelling make me sad?
    4. Do I embrace my individuality…sometimes being different from others?
    5. Am I sometimes stressed by crowds but feel grateful for having good people around me?
    6. Am I over excited by crowds, fireworks, coffee shops and bakeries, stimulating conversations?
    7. I feel ok with most things that happen, and do not feel the need to fix or control everything around me.
    8. I realize some people are “negative Nellie’s” and choose not to take them on as my own feelings.
    9. I enjoy nature, music, dancing, shopping, TV, sports, weather, news, gatherings, children, old people…one or all of the above.
    10. Sometimes I don’t enjoy nature, music, dancing, shopping, TV, sports, weather, news, gatherings, children, old people…one or all of the above.

If you answered yes to at least one question, or all ten, you are human and joy-ful. Congratulations Joypath!

Being a Joypath is being joy-ful…the ability to fill an experience by choice of a strong, heartfelt response. It is when our heart goes out to those around us and we feel happiness or sadness…because we are not only emotionally connected to others, we are physically connected as human beings through our brains!

Our brain’s mirror neuron system helped humankind evolve quickly, as it recorded responses and replayed them when the situation arises again. In other words, we didn’t have to wait eons through generations to learn from the survival situations we found ourselves in. Our brains understood, shared, and passed it on!

Today, we realize our mirror neuron system is augmented with our natural intuitive abilities, in that we sometimes know what is going to happen, what someone is going to say or feel, sometimes through subtle energy and simple physical cues. We are naturally wired to identify with the people we are with. This connection can be reactionary (from a conditioned brain’s point of view) or purposeful, from an intention point of view to “Change the way you look at things…“ 

The point here is that we are all have the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, with the spectrum being “sociopath” at one end and “hopeless victim” at the other. Empath? Joypath?  Beyond a label, it boils down to handling our own energy at all levels…physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually…and responses…good, bad or ugly. We can choose our way of being, strive for a better understanding, positively deal with the challenges, and go on our human, and merry, way. Knowledge is power…Be the change.