It's Real and Imagined

People nowadays believe that we affect universal energy, creating the matter and experiences of our reality. From a group consciousness to individual mind, our preferences, beliefs, attitudes “raise or lower our vibration” and we can choose our reality through attraction and intention.

At the source of it all is an unconditional loving, infinitely wise and unlimiting creative energy…energy plus consciousness…at its purest form.  “Spirit is the Life” as Edgar Cayce is quoted to say. He followed that with “Mind is the Builder” which says the Cosmic Mind and Individual (Local) Mind creates through awareness, intention and choice.  “Physical is the Result” is how Mr. Cayce ends this quote, acknowledging that matter follows. Energy to Mind to Matter.

If we understand that we can change the thought to change the reality, the process of mind-to-reality can be considered imaginary. Real…and not real…at the same time.

As such, everything from mind-to-matter is real…and not real…according to what we choose.

The only thing at is “before” mind-to-matter is the pure state of energy+consciousness, of which we are a part, pure state of our High Self…our Divinity in this Oneness.  Therefore, what is “after” this pure state, through thought, intention and choice, is created reality.  Imagined…chosen…experienced.

From angels to devils, heaven to hell, positive to negative, high to low vibration…and from channeled beings to this posting…it’s all real and it’s all imagined.  

One person…one spark of Divinity…is not “higher in vibration” than another. The created reality of polarity (which is at the end of the process) only makes it feel that way. We are Oneness in action, however we choose it to be. We only need to realize the truth is our Divinity, and everything else is expression…good, bad and ugly. We can change our mind of what was created to what is. The power of this moment…this thought to shine our best expression…to “be the change…” and live who we are…unconditionally loving, the wisdom of awareness and truth, and empowered to do it all.