Free Will and Choice Trumps the Medium!

One of the most widely accepted Universal Laws is Free Will and Choice, where each and every person has their own right and responsibility to make decisions for themselves, no matter what is going on around them…and who is talking to them!

In the service world of the psychic-medium, free will and choice is paramount…meaning it is THE most important thing out there. AND it overrules, and supersedes any psychic-medium on the planet!

Let’s repeat that…no psychic-medium has a right to over-take a person’s path!

TV/Hollywood does a dis-service when they show psychic-mediums “approaching” someone on the street and blurt out a reading. This is so not the case as TV is made up, set up, and pretty much not reality. Psychic-Medium shows look for the best entertaining values and put the medium in play. “Entertaining” being the key word.

With so many people realizing their 6th sense (psychic/mediumistic) and empathic abilities, all of a sudden they think they are Theresa Caputo!  They approach people saying they “have a message” for them and feel the must tell them.  In one instance, we’ve heard of a person who followed someone in a hospital to the room of their dying loved one to tell them about the two people “with them.”  OMG this was soooooo wrong! 

It does not matter, dear mediums, “what your guides say” or “what you feel you HAVE to do.”  And it doesn’t matter that it “turned out all right.” 

The moment you pass on a message, you are responsible for the consequences. You do not know what is going on with that person, what is going on with their culture, beliefs, attitudes, where they are emotionally or mentally. And if you go dancing in there with messages from beyond, Pandora’s box may happen! It’s like driving drunk and then getting into an accident…potentially killing another person!

Are we chastising?  You better believe it!  A psychic-medium is an INTERPRETER of information being received. Interpretation can be skewed by the person’s filters and frames of reference, which makes it vulnerable to mis-interpretation. Even a slightest chance of a mis-cue, and a person’s life may be drastically changed forever.  Again, think drunk driver!!

It is not ethical, moral or professional. Whether you take money or not, a person’s right to be in the best position to handle a reading is THEIR CHOICE.  Another key phrase…”IN THE BEST POSITION TO HANDLE A READING” which means approaching, following, stalking, etc. is off the table…as they do not allow anyone to be in their best position!

Leave the entertainment and “I am an Angel sent by God” to TV and Hollywood.

As a psychic-medium, raise your vibration AND your ethics to the highest level…or get out of the work!