Moon Power?

I don’t know astrology but I read on Facebook today that July has been a “very active month in the celestial world” and that on July 27, “there will be a full blood moon with a total lunar eclipse.”

What great news! An incredible event where we can take charge of our energies of high emotions and set that course firmly in a direction of personal power and growth.

This is a great time to be able to “set our mind to” derail the automatic dump of emotional chemical reactions influenced by controlling factors such as social media.

What gets put in our face during a time like this is the need for thoughtful…thought full…communication and empathy, for ourselves and others.

We can get the best of it…this lunar event of the century…by the power of knowing that we are in charge of our thoughts…thoughts in charge of our feelings…feelings in charge of our reactions…reactions in charge of our behaviors…behaviors in charge of our selves…selves in charge of our community…community in charge of our society.

Be the change…just do it!