What is the Difference?

We understand the 6th sense to be the sense that facilitates psychic awareness…awareness of the energies around us. Why is the validity of the 6th sense so hard to convey?  In most cases, people are still caught up in an outdated view of psychic experiences, the 6th sense, described as weird, coincidental, paranormal, imagination, mystical, ghostly, new age, fake, unexplainable and unscientific.  While there is an aspect of research done on psychic phenomena, the fact that science can’t explain it does not make it wrong or invalid.  There have been countless discoveries and ground-breaking understandings that were not provable until the knowledge and technology caught up with them.

So with that being said, let’s explore the 6th sense as another sense in the following manner, open to deeper pondering, integrating within one’s current understanding, or just for fun.

Like other senses that help us be aware of our surroundings, the 6th sense is our awareness of the energies in our surroundings…things we cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch.  In the case of our physical senses, we have sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin) that pick up signals–vibrations and sensations–that are relayed to the brain where they are interpreted to tell us what is there.

The 6th sense can be thought of as a direct connection…signal to brain…the signal being information through energy.  Science does tell us that everything in the universe is some form of energy and consciousness, although they don’t know what came first.  We know that consciousness is awareness of self and surroundings at various levels of consciousness and mind, and that thought is the energy-information that operates in this realm.  We can think of the signal of the 6th sense, then, as the energy-information of and between levels of consciousness and mind.

What does the brain do when it receives this energy-information and it’s not coming through the physical sensory organs?  It must have to assimilate the information, associating it with what it knows. It knows (from stored experiences aka memories) the physical senses, and will convey the energy-information in that form.  You walk into an old house and suddenly see a “dark shadow” that disappears right in front of you. Spooky…for sure!  Did you really see it or was it something the brain created. Since the brain doesn’t know the difference between what it is really seeing, or what it is really remembering, we don’t know….but something was definitely out there!    The energy-information was received and the brain said “what the #*$$ is that?”  It then goes for the first associative memory to convey to you what it is picking up. If you grew up with ghost and paranormal movies, guess what? That energy-information the brain picked up is now a dark and misty apparition.

The 6th sense also picks up “psychic” information…energy-information of thoughts and feelings of the people around you.  There are many ways psychic energy-information is received and interpreted. You can walk into a meeting room and suddenly feel the stress people/conversation going on. You can be standing next to a person in the supermarket and get a sense that they’ve had a bad day.  The energy-information can “ping” your brain to recognize feelings or bring up associative memories, but you know what you know without any of the five physical senses being engaged.

Other type of 6th sense energy-information is from a source of consciousness “not living” or of those who have passed.  For example, you suddenly “smell” your deceased grandfather’s “Old Spice” while out walking the dog. No where is there an old man wearing “Old Spice.” What was that?  Here is where the energy-information accesses the memory of smell to let you know “that’s Old Spice–just like grandpa used to wear!”   The nose did not smell it, but the brain recognized the energy-information as “Old Spice” and conveyed that to you. Here is where we make connection to those who have passed through our 6th sense. This is what psychic-mediums use to receive and interpret information as a reading.

This is also true of images and visions…what is normally referred to as the 3rd eye or being clairvoyant.  The brain picks up the energy+information of a memory and recreates the pattern of it as an image or vision.

So what’s the difference, then, between any of the senses?  Why would experiences of eyesight be valid but the experiences of our 6th sense are not?

The 6th sense (and uses of the 6th sense such as readings, energy healing, and trance channeling) is just the receiving and interpretation of energy-information.  We have to begin to separate the myth and mystery from the 6th sense so that we can integrate it as the natural sense that it is.

We have to question falsehoods and eliminate the earth-is-flat mentality of psychic-gifts, fortune-telling, witchery, religious dogma, emotionally charged memories and dramas, and Hollywood sensationalism.  We also need to be mindful of the new agey “slicing and dicing” of the universe into auras, chakras, vibrations, dimensions, planes, negative energies and entities, the risk of empathy, etc.  In the earlier example of standing next to someone in a supermarket, the new agers tend to assign “negative or low vibration” energies or entities to what is being felt. Step away from the spiritual dogma…and consider it may have just been a person who had a bad day.

Our intention, then, is to find out what is the energy-information is trying to tell us of the non-physical world…the world of consciousness and connection to people, places and things.  We need to go beyond the myths and fears to determine what the brain is doing.  Essentially, the five physical senses do not paint a doom-and-gloom, spook-infested environment and neither does the 6th sense.  In its natural state, this 6th sense as a valid and powerful sense of information can begin to integrate the consciousness of all life, for our benefit, guidance and connection.