"I love you...seek knowledge"

by Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake

In an old episode of WKRP Cincinnati, Johnny Fever wakes up during the night to a voice that tells him “I love you” and “seek knowledge.” And while the rest of that show was Johnny wondering about what he heard and whether or not to be a golf pro, Mr. Carlton comes to his aid to say there’s nothing wrong with being told “I love you” and “seek knowledge.” 

What a great message!!   

As psychic-mediums, we learn with every reading. There are no boundaries to the depth and breadth of the quality sought by readers at any level.  And the levels are uniquely defined by the reader.  Just as no two readers are alike, their level of learning is also not alike.  As teachers, we make it a point to say never judge yourself against another. Accessing and interpreting the 6th sense is a very personal journey and involves more than tips and techniques. It involves the “all-of-you” to interpret the “all-that-is” universe.

Doesn’t that make sense, though? The Universe as described as spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects would be displayed through you as a reader.  It is a balance of all four aspects of yourself, in harmony at the present time.  There is the key…because the present time takes into account where you are at any this moment and who you are as a reader in service to another.  If there is a weak link, so to speak, in this alignment it would reflect where you are, and who you are, as a psychic-medium reader.

For example, there are many people who gain the knowledge of the process of mediumship but are in the midst of their lives…raising families, taking care of elderly loved ones, going through personal challenges. This is an example of the physical aspect being out of alignment of the other three, and the reader just may not be able to devote the time and energy to their psychic-mediumship growth.

Another mis-alignment is an emotional aspect…where a person has not achieved the same emotional maturity as their knowledge/understanding (mental) self or their authentic (spiritual) self. They know the stuff but can’t get passed their own stuff.  Knowing it all does not necessarily mean being able to do it and the reader may find their interpreted information repeats the denial and drama of their own situations.

An example of the mental level not being in alignment would be a lack of understanding the work, the impact of their service, and the needs of the client.  This includes having such a strong belief system that the growth can only go so far.  A case such as this may be that a person who believes in purgatory, life justification, karma may not be able to fully receive information from someone who committed suicide or even a crime.  Can you see the conflict?  If you don’t believe in an unconditional loving universe, the readings would reflect it, and may not serve the client in their best interest, comfort or healing. As readers and anyone offering guidance and perspective to others, serving the client is why we do this work. Another misalignment of the mental aspect would show up as immature or inconsistent thought processes that enable a consistent and complete relaying of information to another.

Another example often cited in psychic-medium learning programs when the spiritual self is not in alignment with the other three, it is commonly referred to as the ego. The ego is very good at displaying itself as spiritual, but it is self-gratification and not the higher good. The cry of “but that’s what I heard” is ego-speak for “don’t blame me if it’s wrong” and denial of effort and awareness of connecting to the authentic source. Basically, if it doesn’t serve it’s not from Spirit, and there are no excuses.

Through our experiences and teaching, we have come to understand that when people open the door to the psychic-medium world, the total self is exposed, and introspection usually follows. Working with the many aspects of people, lives, situations and their connection to the God-of-their-understanding drives the ebb and flow of experience, understanding and growth. The reader will learn with every reading or bump up against an aspect of themselves that requires attention. The Universe will not be denied, and time will pass to allow the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical selves to fall in place into self-mastery…or until the reader can no longer serve the purpose.

You don’t have to wait for a voice to wake you up. Being aware of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of life means you are a daily medium, allowing the synchronicities of the relationship of body-mind-spirit to be expressed fully.  Know that you are loved and continue to seek knowledge to be the best and balanced version of your Self in all you do.