Is it real or mythology?

Once upon a time, someone who did not know about the nature of planets looked out at the ocean and said “the earth is flat and we have a concern.” Others concurred at this thinking and determined they would fall off the edge of this flat earth, demons lived at the edge of this existence, and so on. It became widespread truth but now we call it mythology.  This went on until a discovery was made.

Once upon a time, someone who did not know about the nature of consciousness and energy felt things and said “energies are dark and their mystery is a concern.” Others concurred at this thinking and determined that they would have to raise their vibration or protect themselves from these lower, darker energies. It became widespread truth and now we call it new age.

This will go on until a discovery is made.

There is an understanding that energy is neutral until directed…that the observer determines an outcome of energy/consciousness by its very observation (aka thought) and that thoughts become things. 

In its purest state, energy/consciousness is unconditional, infinite and unlimited. We are of this purest state. As a drop of the ocean is the ocean itself, we as individual beings are drops of the pure Divineness Itself. We are always unconditional love; possess infinite wisdom and wield unlimited power of creation.

Everything from that pure point of beingness…every thought beyond unconditional, infinite and unlimited…is determined by the mind of man. It is man-made. From birth to death, our reality can be referred to as an illusion, created in our mind, emotionally charged, and expressed as experience. 

From the moment we step out of the purest form of Energy/Consciousness, the measuring stick appears. This is called time, space, karma, soul learning, higher or lower vibrations, dark and light energies, entities and ascending beings. But at the end of the day, we always are and forever will be the state of pure energy and consciousness beingness. 

Masters have written this great truth, such as “I and the Father are One” –Jesus and “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” –the Dhammapada

We’ve wrapped ourselves around the axle of spirituality…in beliefs that refer to higher and lower vibrations, lost or trapped souls, attachments, psychic attacks, protection from darkness, life lessons and “growing” back to God, old and new soul, lightworker and evolving to higher consciousness over someone “less evolved.” 

Can a drop of the ocean become more than the ocean itself?

To understand beyond this mythology, we have to go back to our Authentic Self and believe we are always in that state, no matter what the individual mind has created. We are each the power of the universe within the Grand Universe…Unconditional Love, Infinite Wisdom, Unlimited Power of Creation.  Everything else are man-made illusions, and we can step out of them at any moment we choose…at any moment of thought.  

And there is the new reality. We each manage our own universe and are responsible for it. No other person or thing supercedes our divine will of who we are. 

So if we go back to our unconditional, infinite and unlimited Selves, the authentic version of our being, to redefine our reality…what are the possibilities?

…We could be loving, tolerant, compassionate, kind, respectful, humane
…We could be understanding, possess insight and awareness, an unbiased view/perspective, self-mastery
…We could be free to think, believe, behave and experience the best life in health, self and wealth

Our thought is the power we have to be. From the moment of existence to the moment back to the Its pure state, everything in between is our mythology.

“Thoughts are things…think good ones.” (Mike Dooley) and create the reality aligned with our Authentic Selves as many thoughts possible. This then is the next discovery…discovery of the Self as the power of one and the Power of One.