The Authentic Self

Let High Self be your consciousness;
Consciousness claim your thought;
Thought ignite your intention;
Intention inspire your awareness;
and awareness empower your day.

If we start with God, the Divine, All That Is, Source…This purest state of energy and consciousness…of energy and information…of the physical and non-physical…of the seen and unseen.

There is no judgment here…there is only unconditional love.

There is no ignorance here…there is only infinite wisdom.

There is no lack here…there is the unlimited power of creation.

At this macro-cosmic existence, the High Self resides as an authentic representative being. Like a drop of the ocean, the ocean is in each drop, the High Self is what All is.

Its consciousness knows the big picture, the Grand Design, the Source of all energy and matter, the causes and effects, bliss and the total balance. Consciousness is expressed…thought by thought.

This highest nature provides the ability to produce the highest of thought, the truest word, the purest deed. This is the “light and the way” from its origin of love, wisdom and creation.

Intention from this state is the fire of creation, molded after the Universe itelf, to grow, expand, evolve. Intention matters…

This new awareness is who we are, fundamentally powerful, co-creators within the Universe…and within our universe. We can replace the fear, lack and hopelessness of an un-divine mind.

From thought to act, we can express and experience our best self…and our best selves…from our authentic nature.

Living on purpose…the purpose of expressing our divinity…simply, powerfully and naturally.