The 6th Sense of Information

The 6th Sense:  Simply Processing Psychic-Medium Information

There have been great strides to better understand information received through intuition, aka psychic-mediumship, aka the 6th sense. These strides have been in the areas of physics (understanding energy) and psi-phenomena (understanding the relationship of our mind and consciousness). However, people hang on to “what’s working for them” even though a new truth may set them free.

In a recent article published in The New Yorker magazine, “Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds” it discusses the innate nature humans have to stick with what they know despite new facts uncovered or new understandings developed. The researchers have concluded that people will maintain their social strengths versus stepping out of their personal territory for embrace a new idea or fact.


We can explore this in regards to the 6th sense and psychic-medium information. Neuroscience tells us that the brain handles over 4 billion bits of information but only processes 2,000 bits in our waking state. The energies and various states of mind have been studied and measured while people are in deep meditative states and while experiencing alternate states of consciousness.  There’s more “out there” and the brain has the ability to sense those billion bits of “other reality” information.

This ability is the 6th sense. The sciences and new understandings of energies and consciousness have made it a very real part of our existence…actually bringing back to ourselves a sense that our ancestors knew and regularly used.

We call that psychic-icity…a natural function of bits of information and the power of the brain to fill in the blanks of a physical-only environment. Psychic-icities are the experiences through the quality of being connected to our selves. Whether through thought, the senses, or in the events of our everyday lives, we have the power to feel the emotions of others (empathy), see flashes of images or visions, hear that inner voice, or “just know” things—and it’s all designed in our physical make-up.

That’s what the new information and discoveries tell us. Psychic-icity is a brain thing…not a religious thing…a magical thing…or a mysterious thing. We can take out what we thought we knew based on…

  • Fears of the unknown (the need for protection, demons, portals)
  • Myths to explain events (born with “the gift,” can’t read for this or that reason)
  • New age razz-ma-tazz (higher vibrational people, tools and rules)

…and incorporate into our daily lives the natural connection to our Self and our Selves.

Psychic-medium information is a function of receiving and understanding. In this age of information, it can be that simple.