Everyday Psychic Experiences

People have psychic experiences every day. We feel emotions from others (psychic) and we feel/hear/sense/dream about loved ones who have passed (medium). These happen at no particular time and in no particular manner.  In other words, there is no need to meditate, darken a room, work with Spirit Guides or protect yourself from the demons from hell.  We didn’t need it before our psychic awareness, so we wouldn’t need it after we learn how it works.

There’s that saying that says: “All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.”  There again is old world though, where it isn’t based on the person, it is based on channel on the information.  Just like a radio, you can tune to AM or FM, country or classic rock…but it’s still the radio.  We have this channel to information, whether you choose information for those around you living, or from those who have passed.

We are tuning into the life force energy…and the information contained in that energy…whether the person is alive or has passed.  Science has proven that energy cannot be destroyed—we are energy housed in matter, and return to that state of pure energy after the change called death. We access the information of our lives (past and present) while living or after death. That’s it…we don’t put anything else “in there” in order to be able to connect with this information. No planes of consciousness, no dimensions, or spiritual/religious rules that limit the access.

There are no boundaries to this information, except those we create within our own minds.