I am once again reminded of the (my) guiding principle “It’s all about one’s energy…One Energy.”

In my energy…my universe…the three most powerful laws come from the teachings of White Eagle, as channeled by Grace Cooke:  Unconditional Love, Infinite Wisdom and Unlimited Power of Creation.

And there explains the truth. We each have unlimited power to create our infinite wisdom. In other words, our minds (e.g., thoughts; e.g., energy) generate the holographic images of our reality based on our knowledge, whether that knowledge is new, immature, mastered, well learned, well experienced, fantasy…and so on.

If you are familiar with Star Trek–Next Generation, the holodeck was a virtual reality setting, usually used for recreation experiences…”reality” generated by pre-programmed scenarios.

So when you are “reality is just an illusion” I’d rather think of it as earth as the holodeck of reality, generated by our minds (consciousness…individual, group and Oneness).

We each have unlimited power to create “our” infinite wisdom, expressed as our reality.

And that brings us back to the question…”What is channeling?”

Channeling is the expression and experience of information accessed from non-physical realms.

Channeling can be verbal or written, conscious (aware) or sub-conscious (trance), physical (felt through the body) or mental (understandings communicated through speech) AND live or dead (near death experiences).

This information is going through the person…through their mind and their frame of reference. This frame of reference is a culmination of their experiences, beliefs, fears, joys, intentions, triggers, filters and biases, etc. What comes out is information through the understanding of the channeler.

Proof? You can read thousands of “channeled” accounts and the information varies. There are a lot of similarities in channeled information. But if we were accessing Oneness, why wouldn’t the information be same? Why would there be various accounts of creation; angels; dimensions; life/death cycles; etc.?

We ARE accessing Oneness but it is interpreted (aka influenced) by each of us.

Channeled information from philosophers will be different than channeled information from doctors, will be different than channeled information from someone who has suffered greatly to someone who has a more positive outlook of life.

The more we have mastered our understanding, the more mastery gets expressed.

We can say that all information is channeled…whether locally through our consciousness/mind, or non-locally through the consciousness of the universe.

We, as beings of free will and choice, get to choose how we hear/believe/act on the information accessed and recorded.

This has been an expression of my universe. Thank you.