The Metaphysics of Energy Healing

Here is my understanding of how energy healing works.

I start with the premise that we are all energy beings, and we are each a universe within the Great Universe, and therefore responsible for our “own energy expressions” in all aspects of physical (and non-physical) existences.  It’s all about one’s energy.

Each person is also responsible for their own healing…as healer and healee…service provider and client.   Powered by the mind of our universe and the Divine Mind in the Universe, the intention is set and healing happens …or is allowed to happen.  Key phrase:  allowed to happen.  It is up to the individual to heal…as evidenced by the placebo effect of medical studies where people heal with a sugar pill. The spiritual (our Authentic Self) power of mind-body is paramount.

Let’s also describe this healing energy as life force energy. Think of ET when his glowing finger pointed to the plant. It is there in all forms…as an expression of the Divine Mind (Consciousness).

When someone becomes aware of their natural healing touch, through a variety of modalities such as Reiki, Reconnective Healing, IET, etc. etc. etc., that awareness is the healing…not whatever flows through or out of them, not the hand waves and symbols thrown…but the knowing of, the faith in, the healing power of the Divine in each of us.

Think of a pie. We are a slice of pie. Most people who are not aware of the natural healing energy is a very very thin slice of pie. They may be aware of their own energies (mental, emotional, spiritual) but not how those energies affect themselves or others.

Think of people in the humanities fields (doctors, nurses, counselors, etc.) who are aware of their innate sense to help. They have a learning, a process or the knack of dialogue to help people. Their slice is bigger.

Also bigger, not necessarily than nurses, etc. above however, is someone who has taken an energy healing modality, or have a natural knowing of the healing energy radiating inside them.

Let’s turn the pie into a sphere, that represents the depth and breadth of the awareness and authenticity of the work.

The authenticity is the resonance that influences and affects the others around you.

That resonance…the recognition of energies between people, places and things…”opens the door” for any person to experience any thing…including their own healing. A person, either consciously or subconsciously, allows their healing to happen, and it will happen as limited or unlimited as their beliefs allow.

It is not the healer, as one healer may resonate more with a client than another. The client becomes the deciding force. The client is the one who, through faith and intention, heals themselves. The healer may not know if or when…just opens the door for the client to walk through. That “walk through” is the client’s journey to health and well-being, life journey, etc. The healer does not know what is going on from a soul perspective with the healer…and it doesn’t matter.

Except that of master healers, such as Jesus, who was the 100% sphere of healing influence, and he knew what went on with the soul of those around him. However, there is one account in the Bible (which I am not an expert but know a little) where a woman came from behind Jesus to touch his robe. She knew that when she touched his robe, she would be healed. Jesus did not “do” anything…and he is quoted to say “your faith has healed you.”

So, a healer then does two things when healing:

  1. offers a corresponding physical attribute a.k.a. the healing process so the client can mentally understand it…to “hang their hat on” so to speak…something tangible.  Here then comes into play the various techniques and phrases used by the healer, such as hand movements, special healing symbols, “being a channel”, “sending” energy, etc.  This is the window dressing on the outside of the healing.

  2. provides a resonance for the client to “join in” the healing.  This is the power on the inside.

Just like a conductor gets each musician to tune to the note of “A” to get a common resonance, reverberation, sound, the healer provides a range of tones (frequencies) for the client to follow in, or ride with, the intention of the healing…their healing.

It is not the quality of the healer…the quality of the energy…because it’s Life Force energy and Life Force energy is a quality unto Itself.

Once a client intends and joins in to the Universal energy for healing and their own universal energy for healing, healing happens.

That is why a client can “feel” one healer more than another…why one modality “works” in the mind of the client than another…the client is looking for resonance. This is on an energy level most of the time, but think of how powerful it would be to have everyone understand this healing process. It is part of the person’s overall healing…mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as physically.

We’ve come to understanding that Om being the universal sound, allowing us to resonate our universe with the Universe, opening up unlimited possibilities for our mind, body and spirit.

The work always goes back to the individual, and the understanding of their universe…and the responsibility of it all.

It’s always about one’s energy…One Energy.