The Universe says The Universe!!

I love Mike Dooley’s “Notes from the Universe” daily inspirational quotes. In a fun and enlivening way, Mike pens these awesome daily tips from “The Universe” to make ya think about things…like the one I received today:

The evolution of faith usually spanning millions of years, typically looks like this:

Not believing in “the Universe.”

Believing in “the Universe,” but secretly doubting it, too.

Fearing “the Universe,” but secretly loving it, too.

Loving “the Universe,” but secretly fearing it, too.

Realizing that “the Universe” was you, all along.

Yours truly,

   The Universe

Yes Yes Yes! “the Universe” is each of us.

Let’s boil this down.

We create the reality around us…and the reality within us. From our beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and experience, we create the world we live in every day. We are a “glass half empty” or a “glass half full”. We are gracious or we are not. We are emotional, or we are analytical, or we are creative or all of the above. We do or we do not. etc. What we belief, we think…what we think, we say…what we say, we do. And there’s are life.

So then it works the same way in the Universe…the non-physical part of our existence. It’s where life force comes from. It’s been identified as our source of faith in a multitude of ways.

And that universe operates and exists in the same way we create or “physical” day-to-date.

What we belief, we think. Stop there. Thinking is thought…”thoughts become things” –Mike Dooley.  The Universe then creates the things from our thoughts.

If we don’t like the “things” we get, we have to look at the thoughts. BOTH THOUGHTS!  Those we think consciously and those we think sub-consciously.

AND the Universe we create has to match the Universe we behave in.

For example, if the universe we create is “I am joyful and abundant” that thought has power…energy…vibration… and the game the universe sets up and sends out will be joyful and abundant.

If our verbal thoughts say “I am joyful and abundant” as in an affirmation, but our non-verbal thought (deep seeded belief) says “life’s tough I have nothing” followed by those types of words and actions (always looking for cheap things because you don’t have enough money and being stressed about “not enough money”), the game you are setting up and sending out does not match the one the Universe is setting up and sending out.

Like two ships passing in the night.

then nothing happens.

Vibrations must equal vibrations.

Create your universe…you ARE the universe…and your energy is paramount. Define the universe you are looking to BE in…loving, supportive, healthy, joyful, gracious, abundant, peaceful.

Then look at your thoughts (both of them!), listen to your own words, feel your own emotions, be aware of your actions…so that those vibrations match those in your Universe.

Vibrations = Vibrations and stuff happens!  It’s Universal Law. It’s the way of a Divine Being (YOU!). Have faith in that and oh the possibilities!