It's just us!

Somewhere in the desert of spirituality, we seemed to have lost our way.

When I was young, the song “Age of Aquarius” was just a great song. But it described a movement to “New Age” which really was from the “New Thought” movement decades earlier, and if I knew my philosophy history, I would be able to name scores of religious/spiritual movements from the time of Christ and before. But that’s not the point…

Today, we have the internet. Today, we have people who have channeled and written about great truths. We have quantum physics and modern devices that can measure energies in people, places and things. Today, we know the connection between the energy of thought and the wellness of mind-body. More and more people are finding out…We are energy.

Today’s society beats #(&@ out of our energy self. Physical challenges such as cancers, allergies, intolerances, syndromes. Emotional sensitivities…tears and dramas at a drop of a hat. Daily mental stresses beyond measure and spiritual attacks from the right to the left wingers.

What if…

What if it’s not the moon or sun spots, or Saturn in retrograde?

What if our greater awareness is not to gain entry into the 5th dimension…to ascend to a higher vibration…to sheepfully listen to the latest channeled deity or to get through a portal for energy to “spread it to the people of the earth, dear ones.”

What if all of the “energy and consciousness awareness” is to be more aware of our own energy and consciousness!  Be aware of it not to ascend away but to be here-now…and have dominion over the “earth” (aka physical universe)…to better navigate through the rough waters of dynamic earth changes and societal chaos.

What if our awareness is not to think we are of a higher vibration but to BE our vibration higher.  Yes… “be” our vibration higher…

Maybe the point of all this knowledge and spiritual “maturity” we just are meant to say: During a tough day, during an emotional event, during a busy mall or holiday shopping frenzy that we know we can each manage our own energies to balance, calm and ultimately display loving kindness to ourselves and others.

No woo, no dogma, no grand gestures or materialist magnificence, no ascension, no reality shows…no magic bullets.

Just us, knowing our divinity and being it every day.

This is NOT saying we have to be a Jesus Christ every day…it is saying we acknowledge our energy power and manage our day to the best of that energy!

Be the best vibe you can be and all that “negative and low vibration energy” takes care of itself.

We keep looking for answers outside of the self….whether through religious organizations, “new age” spiritual woo, channeled beings, or things that have been infused with special powers.

God has been talking to us for thousands of years…we have been at this long enough. We have information, and the technology…to know it’s each of us…our mind-energy with Pure Mind-Energy.

Marianne Williamson wrote:  ”Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Now is the time to get out of the desert.